Risk Management

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Managing risk well and risk taking requires identifying risk factors, evaluating potential impacts, and developing risk mitigation plans. When considering managing risk, it's important to include planning and global perspective. Expand your knowledge of risk management, and learn how to identify, assess, and prioritize risks and uncertainties while minimizing, monitoring, and controlling the impact of risk realities. Explore effective risk management strategies.

Topics covered

  • Analyzing Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
  • Identifying Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
  • Identifying Risks in Your Organization
  • Knowing When to Take Strategic Risks
  • Managing a Project to Minimize Risk and Maximize Quality
  • Planning Risk Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
  • Responding to Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
  • Thinking Strategically as a Manager

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