Scrum Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The Scrum Proficiency benchmark will measure your ability to recognize key terms and concepts related to core Scrum concepts. You will be evaluated on sprint planning, sprint reviews, quality, and planning. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have an understanding of key Scrum terminology and concepts.

Topics covered

  • compare and contrast the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • describe how the product scope evolves throughout the project life cycle
  • describe how the Sprint Retrospective affects the product backlog
  • describe techniques for splitting user stories
  • describe the guidelines for defining Sprint goals
  • describe the process of adapting the product backlog
  • discover the three Scrum artifacts
  • discover the tools and techniques for performing the Sprint Retrospective
  • recognize common mistakes of Sprint planning
  • recognize common mistakes of Sprint Retrospectives
  • recognize common mistakes of Sprint Reviews
  • recognize common mistakes that Scrum development teams can make
  • recognize common user story mistakes
  • recognize how stakeholder feedback is elicited
  • recognize the balance between quality and productivity
  • recognize the best practices for conducting the Daily Scrum
  • recognize the characteristics of servant leadership
  • recognize the five levels of planning within the Scrum framework
  • recognize the key elements associated with Sprint planning
  • recognize the roles and authority related to quality decisions