Security Threat Intelligence Awareness (Entry Level)

  • 12m
  • 12 questions
The Security Threat Intelligence Awareness benchmark measures whether a learner has had exposure to basic security threat intelligence organizational practices and theories. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates awareness in some areas of the security threat intelligence discipline.

Topics covered

  • classify the expectations of users and organizations in relation to security, IT systems, permissions, and usage
  • define the concept of security governance in relation to information security
  • describe how proper information security can support the organization's overall business objectives
  • describe the standard information security roles within an organization
  • list the responsibilities of various information security roles within an organization
  • list the standard security governance activities that relate to information security
  • outline the core foundational concepts of information security and recognize why it is important to an organization
  • recall what is meant by information security, what it protects, and how it protects it
  • recognize that security is everyone's responsibility in a professional environment and outline how to use the Responsible-Accountable-Consulted-Informed (RACI) chart to see different responsibilities are distributed
  • recognize the importance of effective communication for fostering proper information security
  • recognize the importance of strategic planning and decision-making when it comes to information security
  • use case studies and examples to illustrate what can happen when information is not protected