Security Tools Awareness (Entry Level)

  • 19m
  • 19 questions
The Security Tools Awareness (Entry Level) benchmark measures your entry-level exposure to cybersecurity tools and processes. You will be evaluated on your knowledge of security tool categories, the basics of ethical hacking, common SecTools, the role of AI in DevOps, and details of the Facebook data breach and Log4Shell exploit. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have an understanding of basic cybersecurity tools, platforms, and technologies and can participate in general discussions about security and security tools.

Topics covered

  • build a SecTools toolbox
  • categorize security tools
  • choose the correct security tools for specific jobs
  • create a SecTools environment
  • describe common security threats facing AI and how it can be exploited for malicious purposes
  • describe ethical hacking
  • describe security tools in context, including the history of security tools and the response to modern attacks
  • describe the background of the Facebook data breach and its overall impact
  • describe why ethical hacking is an important activity
  • explain how the contact importer tool made the data breach possible
  • identify and use appropriate tools to exploit a system on the network
  • identify common tools used for information gathering
  • identify the tools available to detect and exploit log4j vulnerabilities
  • list common AI principles such as avoiding unfair bias and ensuring social benefits
  • outline how the attack was discovered and disclosed
  • outline how the Facebook data breach was discovered
  • outline the background of the attack and what made it possible
  • use Nessus to perform a vulnerability scan
  • use password cracking tools