Spring Boot Microservices Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 10m
  • 10 questions
The Spring Boot Microservices Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark measures your knowledge of configuring an application to send emails and integrating with external services within a Spring Boot application. You will be evaluated on your skills in securing your application using in-memory users and users stored in a database using Spring Security. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have the skills to secure web applications using Spring Security and integrate with external services to make phone calls and send emails and text messages.

Topics covered

  • configure in-memory users with Spring Security
  • configure user and admin login roles
  • route and filter requests using Zuul
  • send an email using the JavaMailSender API
  • send messages and make phone calls using Twilio
  • set up services and controllers for your application
  • set up the user entity and repository
  • set up the Zuul edge service to act as an API proxy
  • specify security settings for your application
  • use interceptors to process requests and responses