SQLAlchemy Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 12m
  • 12 questions
The SQLAlchemy Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your ability to carry out advanced operations using SQLAlchemy Core APIs. You will be evaluated on your ability to perform multi-table joins, create views, use views to insert data into underlying tables, and create indexes. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to query data and perform DB operations using joins, views, and indexes.

Topics covered

  • calculate aggregate statistics using group by
  • create custom and composite indexes
  • create SQL indexes on tables
  • filter data using the order by, limit, and offset clauses
  • filter data using the some and all clauses
  • filter grouped and aggregated data using the having clause
  • insert data into views
  • perform inner and outer joins
  • perform select query operations using the between operator
  • perform three-way joins in tables
  • query views using the where clause
  • use the fetchmany() function to retrieve the output of a select query