Strategic Thinking

  • 7m
  • 8 questions
Strategic thinkers continually ask questions to help create the bridge between strategy and tactics. The role of strategic leader requires different skills and perspectives than those required by day-to-day operational leadership roles. Strategic thinking and strategic orientation are essential for planning - and strategic leaders must always be thinking strategically, and must have vision and the ability to persuade fellow employees to undertake necessary actions to acquire the same vision. This benchmark evaluates your understanding of this topic. Being aware of potential knowledge gaps allows you to better understand your current competency and areas for improvement, so you can find suitable content and curate your own learning path. The courses recommended at the end of this benchmark can help you fill potential gaps in your knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Developing a Clear Vision through Strategic Thinking
  • Identifying Risks in Your Organization
  • Identifying Risks in Your Organization through Brainstorming
  • Implementing a Business Plan
  • Knowing When to Take Strategic Risks
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Thinking Strategically as a Manager
  • Why Risk-taking Is Essential