Technology Essentials

  • 15m
  • 10 questions
The Technology Essentials benchmark will measure your ability to recall and relate the underlying concepts of digital technologies. You will be evaluated on your understanding of standard technologies; you will also be asked to recall common vocabulary from the tech industry and understand the importance of addressing legacy within complex systems. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the essential digital technology skills and can understand and grasp the underlying technical concepts and practices.

Topics covered

  • define various types of "as a service" cloud computing models
  • describe the architecture of Cloud deployments and compare that with legacy IT deployments
  • describe the differences between threats, vulnerabilities, and risks in a corporate environment
  • describe what an attack surface is and how it must be understood in order to protect corporate information
  • identify concepts and use cases for artificial intelligence (AI)
  • identify the benefits that a custom-built API provides for application component access
  • list key components of a cloud computing model
  • recognize factors that determine a speaker's effectiveness in business settings
  • recognize legacy platforms and varied impacts like data leakage and loss, data breaches, data exfiltration, and identity theft
  • specify the proper ways to handle sensitive company information, including the differences between working with online data and physical media