Unix Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 20m
  • 15 questions
The Unix Competency (Intermediate Level) benchmark assesses your recognition of core Unix concepts. You will be evaluated on your skills in recognizing high-level elements of Unix architectures, and techniques. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have a solid understanding of intermediate-level Unix concepts.

Topics covered

  • create a Unix group from the command line
  • define how Unix users and groups are created and managed
  • describe how ACLs provide added file system security
  • describe how Unix file system permissions work
  • describe how Unix handles software installation and maintenance
  • describe Unix configuration file standards
  • describe various Unix user authentication options
  • edit files using the nano text editor
  • identify Unix file system concepts
  • perform common Unix tasks at the command line
  • perform disk partitioning and the creation of file systems
  • recognize standard Unix command line syntax
  • use the find command to search for files
  • use the pkg tool to view and update software
  • view Unix log files