Let's Pivot to Skillsoft Percipio

Skillsoft's Personalized, Immersive Learning Platform

Percipio Benchmarks

These benchmarks represent the average growth rates experienced by Skillsoft Customers who made the pivot to Percipio.
  • Engage more users in learning
    • 56% increase in user participation within the first six months of pivoting to Percipio.
  • Use more of your library
    • 66% increase in unique courses accessed due to improved curation and searchability in Percipio.
  • Help learners stay engaged
    • 4.5X increase in overall content accesses within the first six months of pivoting to Percipio.
  • Help users find what they need to succeed
    • 2.1X - Individual learners launch more than twice the amount of unique content in Percipio.


In as little as two weeks, your learners can join the 12 million others on Skillsoft Percipio.

We have options to support your pivot to a digital learning environment that's more engaging, effective, and less complex.

Our team of Migration Professionals works with you to ensure a successful implementation by linking your business objectives to learning experiences, driving engagement, and setting you up to report successes.

Our experienced Implementation Consultants can work with you to tailor a personalized solution based on a number of key factors, including the complexity of your organization, implementation requirements or audience types.

In addition, we offer a wide range of solutions from learning strategy and analysis, to custom development and curation, to learning administration and reporting.