Design transformative skilling experiences customized to deliver on your strategic business objectives. You may now supplement Skillsoft on-demand, interactive, and live learning with content you purchase from getAbstract — and curate everything seamlessly within the Skillsoft Percipio platform.

The turnkey integration enables organizations that purchase content licenses from getAbstract to benefit from Skillsoft’s open platform. Learners discover getAbstract content next to Skillsoft learning experiences via search, browse, recommendations, assignments, and notifications. The catalog sync is automated, and self-reported tracking appears in reports and dashboards.


  • Unify multiple content sources into a more engaging, personalized experience for each learner. ​
  • Leverage getAbstract content to design and assign customized learning journeys.
  • Deliver getAbstract content alongside Skillsoft experiences via search, launch, personalized recommendations, and platform notifications.​
  • Ensure your employees access the most up-to-date content with automatic syncing of the getAbstract collection.
  • Track learners’ self-reported completions of getAbstract content assets in the Skillsoft Percipio reporting suite.


The Content Providers setting allows Site Admins to integrate content your organization purchased from vendors other than Skillsoft, including getAbstract. Once enabled, Skillsoft imports getAbstract assets for discovery, curation, tracking, and reporting.

As a Site Administrator, you will see an option under the Settings menu titled Content Providers. This page allows you to add and enable getAbstract.

When adding getAbstract, follow the prompts to enter configuration details for the platform and its learning assets. Once validated, save the configuration, and you are ready for launch.