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Tech & Dev Content: Recent Releases and 90-Day Development Plan

December 11, 2020 | by Mike Hendrickson

Tech & Dev Content Roadmap and Release

Tech & Dev Roadmap - 90-Day Window
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As we head into the last quarter for our Tech & Dev content delivery, we thought you'd like to see what we were creating during the past few months. We have a summary chart of our roadmap immediately below. There is also an itemized list of all courses released below that.

We'd like to highlight a few items that we think are of particular interest for our learners everywhere. We have released 140+ hours of Bootcamp replays that provide a wide coverage of topics. Replaying these Bootcamps at your own pace and convivence is a great way to go deep on a topic. In fact, you can now open a coding Sandbox and follow along with all examples. You can search for Sandbox in Percipio or search for a topic and then filter on Lab as the modality. We have released more than 400 hours of Aspire Journey content so far this year, with at least 60 more hours coming. There are more than 60 hours of new Cloud and DevOps content that has been released and 30+ hours of Certification content was updated.

What we are working on now is releasing more Sandboxes for all our Aspire Journey content. We have more than 100 hours of Software Craft/DevOps and Cloud content we are working on. We have 100+ hours of Aspire Journey content that we are working on, which include all the labs, and exams to make sure our learners build durable skills. More than 60 hours of Cisco related content is being worked on now as well. We have an additional 158 unique courses that we are currently developing. We have an additional 50+ hours of ITProTv content on Cisco that is inflight to release during the next month or so. We also have 17 more Bootcamps scheduled and you can get more information on the exact timing and subject here:

Lastly you may want to know what we are working on for future releases. Labs. Labs. And more Labs. 133+ hours of Lab content is currently being worked on. We have more than 60 hours of Security training coming. Coincidentally we saw Security course consumption skyrocket during the past couple of months. So there is evidence that Security is top of mind for most organizations. We have rolled out new Aspire Journeys that are just one-track/role and focus on providing learners with enough learning, testing and practice labs so they can truly be proficient and build durable skills. We call these proficiency journeys. Think of these as one topic, one track/role and a deep-dive into building proficiency and skills. Lastly we are in the process of integrating directly from the source, so Amazon Cloud content into Percipio.

During August - October, we have released 167 new Tech & Dev books from the stellar publishers available on our Platforms and another 220 in November - January are scheduled to release.

The roadmap to the left was created and released to our customers in November. It will be updated every Month and released through your Skillsoft contact/representative. Below are the individual course assets released to our Platforms in the past 90-days, and the next 90-days ahead of us.

Hello, World. Stay safe. Stay home and learn.

Learning Path# Course Assets Released
A Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Excel7
Advanced CloudOps Deployments2
AI and Robotics1
API End to End Development12
Applying Cognitive Models1
AWS Certified Developer - Associate6
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate 202021
AWS Cloud Practitioner 20202
BERT Best Practices and Examples2
Building A DevOps Practice2
Building Intelligent Information Systems1
Building Microservices with Spring Boot4
Building Multicloud Deployments2
Building Web Applications with Spring MVC4
Business Reporting Using Power BI4
Clean and Secure Coding for APIs1
Cloud and Container Architectures for the SRE3
Cloud Release Management Fundamentals2
CloudOps Container Clustering2
Configuring DevOps Pipelines3
CyberOps Forensics Analysis1
CyberOps Network and Host Analysis5
Data Wrangling in Excel Using VBA3
DevOps Deployments for Operations Personnel2
DevOps Monitoring Fundamentals2
DevOps Pipelines in Hybrid Environments2
Effective Troublesgooting for the SRE2
Extending Amazon ML1
Extending Apache Spark1
Getting Started with Tableau for Data Visualization3
Implementing an API Strategy1
Interactive Visualizations Using Chart Studio and Plotly1
Load Balancing for the SRE2
Major Cloud Run and Compute Platforms1
Major DevOps Packaging Technologies2
Overload and Cascading Failures2
Selenium Deep Dive11
Simplicity Best Practices for the SRE1
SQL Programming with MariaDB3
SRE Deploying Product at Scale1
SRE Distributed Reliability2
SRE Emergency Response and Incident Handling2
SRE Postmortum Culture and Best Practices1
SRE Testing for Reliability1
SY0-601: CompTIA Security+5
The API Lifecycle and CI/CD Best Practices1
The DevOps Deployment Pipeline3
Version and Source Control Fundamentals2
Visualize Data Online Using Google Chart Tools3
Working with Google BERT, an Introduction1
Working with the Redis In-memory Data Store5
Grand Total155
Learning Path# Course Assets Released
100-490: Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices (RSTECH)7
350-701: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies17
350-801: Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR)15
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate 20203
AWS Cloud Practitioner 20205
Building High-Availability Cloud Deployments2
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 20203
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)20
CloudOps Advanced Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery1
CloudOps Explainability1
Communication and Collaboration for the SRE1
Consequences of Cyber Operations1
CyberOps Windows Device Hardening2
Declarative Visualization in Python with Altair3
Designing CloudOps Automation2
Designing Redundant CloudOps Solutions2
Drag and Drop Machine Learning Using Big ML4
Embedding Visualizations in Web Apps Using Dash3
Exploitation Planning Process1
Exploring Analytics and Visualization Libraries in Python4
Intelligence for Cyberspace Operations1
Interactive Visualizations Using Chart Studio and Plotly2
Intro to Python For Java/C++ Developers6
Introduction to Defensive Cyber Operations - Response Action (DCO-RA)1
Introduction to Mission Rehearsals1
Linux Exploits and Mitigation6
Managing Software Reliability Metrics2
Mission Planning Process for Cyberspace Operations1
Network Admin to SRE0
Offensive Mindset1
Performance Tuning CloudOps Deployments3
Splunk in the Cloud2
SRE Data Pipelines and Integrity3
SRE Dealing with Interrupts and Overload2
SRE Scaling the SRE Team1
SRE Testing for Reliability1
Statistical Plots with Seaborn2
Supporting CloudOps Solutions1
The CloudOps Engineer2
The SRE Engagement Model2
Threat Intelligent Attribution Best Practices2
Windows Exploits and Forensics6
Grand Total145