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Book Highlights for November 2022

November 10, 2022 | by Amy Cantin, Manager, Content Development
“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
― Margaret Fuller, American journalist, editor, critic, translator, and women's rights advocate

November can be stressful. Daylight Savings Time. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Elections. Who's hosting Thanksgiving? Family gatherings. Black Friday. The holidays in general ... Why not relax, refocus, and recenter with a book that piques your interest? Learn a new skill or improve on an existing one. The options are limitless. From digital books, to audiobooks, to book summaries, Skillsoft’s book offering has something for everyone!

Here you'll find releases from last month, a roadmap for the next 3 months, information about our OFF THE SHELF virtual book club selections, publisher updates, and book-related news.


We are thrilled to add Mike Griffith’s innovative, illustrated, and effective approach to project management!

PM Illustrated: A Visual Learner’s Guide to Project Management shows you how the various elements that make up the PMP® exam fit together. Using mindmaps and illustrations, the entire PMP® exam syllabus is explained with memorable graphics and cartoons to boost recall and shorten your study time.

Pass the PMP® exam faster, with more confidence, by using the neuroscience of Visual Learning. Dry, boring content is challenging to remember. Our brains are hardwired to recall visual, fun and unexpected information, making study more fun and effective. Now that PMI has integrated agile and hybrid approaches into the new PMP© exam, it is a perfect time for Mike Griffiths to offer guidance for people studying for their credentials.

Mike Griffiths is the best-selling author of the PMP-ACP® exam study materials. Mike was involved in the creation of the agile method DSDM and has been using agile methods including FDD, Scrum, and XP for more than 20 years. He served on the board of directors for the Agile Alliance and the board of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN). In addition to agile methods, Mike holds PRINCE2 and PMP certifications and is a contributor to the PMBOK® Guide Editions 3-6.

See the big picture of the new exam curriculum. Learn concepts quickly with better recall and retention – visually!!

FUN FACT: 2471 book-type assets—that’s digital books, audiobooks, book summaries, and audio summaries—have been released this year to date!

From trade publishers to academic publishers and everything in between, our recently updated Skillsoft Publisher Partners List features an impressive array of publishers who license us their best-in-class content across Leadership and Business, Technology and Developer, Digital Transformation, SLDP, and Productivity and Collaboration Tools portfolios.

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National Stress Awareness

November 2nd was National Stress Awareness Day—a day to understand the causes, symptoms, and common misconceptions about stress and the harmful ways it can affect us. All month long, OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of resources that can help you learn techniques to manage your stress, become more resilient to stress triggers, and attain a greater sense of balance.

Veterans Day

November 11th is Veterans Day. To honor our nation's military heroes, OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of resources that celebrate the greatness, service, and sacrifice of US Armed Forces veterans who are authors and thought leaders.


Additionally, the OFF THE SHELF pick of the month for November is A More Beautiful Life: A Simple Five-Step Approach to Living Balanced Goals with HEART by Whitney English | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2022.

In A More Beautiful Life, Whitney English shares HEART Goals–a system that starts with what matters most to you, never forcing you to adopt arbitrary goals and rules. The process matters, not just the outcomes. This system frees you from comparison and allows you to be authentically yourself. It helps you gain confidence as you make the progress that comes from having done your best instead of the depressing discouragement that comes from comparing yourself to the performances of others. You won’t have to become someone else to get what you want.

Be sure to visit OFF THE SHELF to leverage the accompanying discussion questions for your next book club event.

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Here you'll find a comprehensive list of the digital books, audiobooks, and book summaries released in October, and those on the 90-day road map.

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