A virtual book club for the modern learner

What is a virtual book club?

And why do they matter?

Virtual book clubs allow and encourage people with similar interests to share and gain different perspectives in an effort to promote learning and engagement. Harvard Business Review ran an article about the benefits and popularity of corporate book clubs—saying that they can be good for the mind, good for leadership, and good for business.

Skillsoft’s Off the Shelf


Skillsoft’s OFF THE SHELF isn’t a typical book club… it’s a great benefit for employees and the entire organization. Designed for business professionals, OFF THE SHELF gives readers access to ebooks, audiobooks, and book summary content to enrich the learning experience.

Why Book Clubs Matter


The practice of reading and learning.


A provocative discussion.


Talking and listening to each other.


Ideas and concepts to your business.

The Solution


  • Key titles chosen from the Skillsoft library
  • Offers a relevant and meaningful learning experience


  • Learners can add the ebook, audiobook, or book summary to their playlist
  • Flexibility to read or listen at their convenience


  • Helps organizations support their own virtual book club discussions
  • Readers can apply the book’s ideas and elevate the conversation
  • Create and launch your own book club
  • Align with corporate initiatives and themes
  • Empower people to lead discussions and select topics and/or books

Take learning OFF THE SHELF.

Skillsoft created this virtual book club to support learning and engagement in your employees, your teams, and your organization. The Facilitator’s Guide makes it easy to launch homegrown book clubs in your company.

Launch Engagement and Discussion

impact workforce performance

Book clubs are good for your business. Many companies already use book clubs as a way to connect people around a central topic, get coworkers and colleagues talking and working together, and foster a culture of learning. Just imagine how a book club discussion can spark innovation, new ideas, and strengthen professional relationships.

Ready to Get Started?


The book, audiobook, or book summary on Skillport or Percipio.


The Facilitator’s Guide.


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Creative Thinking Month

The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential

by Robin Landa | Berrett-Koehler, © 2022

In a world with a surplus of ideas, what separates a good idea from a bad one? Learn how to cultivate a mindset that produces the kind of ideas people can't turn down.

Most professionals cannot generate a solid idea. They either offer up tired or reused ones, or they generate lots of ideas but none that are worth pursuing. A great idea presents a well-formulated thought or plan of action that spurs growth, change, advancement, adaptation, or new insight. Worthwhile ideas move the needle; they change the playing field altogether.

The New Art of Ideas is designed to help readers consistently produce worthwhile ideas by becoming nimble and imaginative thinkers better equipped to compete and produce in a global economy. Robin Landa identifies the Three Gs of every good idea: goal, gap, and gain.

HBR Guide to Unlocking Creativity

by Harvard Business Review | Ascent Audio, © 2023

Without creativity, innovation is impossible. Creativity is the key driver of innovation, but too many teams and projects are organized in ways that stifle new ideas. It's your job as a manager to create the right conditions for creativity to thrive—and to be part of the process yourself.

Fortunately, anyone can use a method-driven approach to teach and learn to be more creative. The HBR Guide to Unlocking Creativity will show you how to design a work environment that allows you and your team to change how you think, reach your creative potential, and achieve groundbreaking results.

This guide will help you: get out of a creativity rut; overcome the fear that blocks creativity; balance creativity with productivity; model a creative mindset for your team; encourage curiosity and experimentation; avoid breakdowns in creative collaboration; and bring breakthrough ideas to life.

Handbook of Organizational Creativity: Individual and Group-Level Influences, 2nd Edition

by Sam Hunter and Roni Reiter-Palmon | Academic Press, © 2023

Handbook of Organizational Creativity covers creativity from many perspectives in two unique volumes, including artificial Intelligence work, creativity within specific applied domains (e.g., engineering, science, therapy), and coverage of leadership. The book includes individual, team and organizational level factors and includes organizational interventions to facilitate creativity (such as training). Chapters focus on creative abilities and creative problem-solving processes, along with individual differences such as motivation, affect and personality. New chapters include the neuroscience of creativity, creativity and meaning, morality/ethicality and creativity, and creative self-beliefs.

Sections on group level phenomena examine team cognition, team social processes, team diversity, social networks, and multi-team systems and creativity. Final coverage includes different types and approaches to leadership, such as transformational leadership, ambidextrous leadership leader-follower relations, and more.

Breakthrough: A Sure-Fire Guide to Realizing Your Potential, Pushing Through Limitations, and Achieving Things You Didn't Know Were Possible

by David Nurse | Ascent Audio, © 2022

Have you ever sat down at your desk with an impossible deadline or an insurmountable obstacle staring you directly in the face and an expectation that you'll come up with a groundbreaking idea and solution?

Best-selling author, acclaimed speaker, and life optimization coach David Nurse provides an actionable and clearly organized structure for maximizing your breakthrough ideas. He outlines easy-to-follow steps for outperforming your potential: an accessible blueprint-backed by scientific data and years of case studies with the top athletes, entrepreneurial minds, and leaders throughout the world-to unlocking your creative potential; conclusive proof that busts the myths of the lone genius, unpredictable "a-ha" lightbulb moments, and little happy accidents; and ways to promote an environment and mindset in which groundbreaking new ideas can flow and occur naturally and seamlessly based on a repeatable formula.

Balancing Acts: Unleashing the Power of Creativity in Your Life and Work

by Daniel Lamarre | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2022

Vice Chairman Daniel Lamarre shares his experiences leading the awe-inspiring Cirque du Soleil, and teaches readers what it takes for anyone, regardless of position or industry, to embrace the value of creative leadership.

Without creativity, there is no business. At the core of Cirque du Soleil’s lavish, multi-million-dollar productions is Vice Chairman Daniel Lamarre, who has mastered the ability to bring business and creativity together across multiple languages and cultures in a way that has never been seen before. The secrets he shares in Balancing Acts are rooted in tremendous faith in your own creative skills, even if you are convinced you have none, and those of the sharpest minds within your organization.

In this book, Daniel shares the untold stories behind Cirques biggest shows, including Beatles Love, Michael Jackson One, the aquatic marvel, O, and many more.

Unlocking Creativity: How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions by Shifting Creative Mindsets

by Michael A. Roberto | Wiley, © 2018

Tear down the obstacles to creative innovation in your organization

Unlocking Creativity is an exploration of the creative process and how organizations can clear the way for innovation. In many organizations, creative individuals face stubborn resistance to new ideas. Managers and executives oftentimes reject innovation and unconventional approaches due to misplaced allegiance to the status quo. Questioning established practices or challenging prevailing sentiments is frequently met with stiff resistance. In this climate of stifled creativity and inflexible adherence to conventional wisdom, potentially game-changing ideas are dismissed outright. Senior leaders claim to value creativity, yet often lack the knowledge to provide a creative framework. Unlocking Creativity offers effective methods and real-world examples of how the most successful organizations create cultures of innovation and experimentation.

Best-selling author and scholar Michael Roberto presents a thorough investigation of organizational obstacles to creative thought.

How Creativity Rules the World: The Art & Business of Turning Your Ideas Into Gold

by Maria Brito | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2022

There has never been a more crucial time than now to develop your creativity and your ability to innovate. Coming up with original ideas of value is today’s most precious skill.

How Creativity Rules the World shows that, despite contrary beliefs, creativity can be taught and learned by anyone. Creativity is an inexhaustible resource that is the key to thriving in the business world and beyond. This timeless guide promises to make the creative process of successful seven-figure artists and billion-dollar entrepreneurs—as well as Maria’s own—accessible and actionable for you to take the power of their ideas to the next level.

With revealing studies and stories spanning business and art, this book is a deep dive into history, culture, psychology, science, and entrepreneurship; analyzing the elements used by some of the most creative minds today and throughout the last 600 years.

The Creative Thinking Handbook: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business

by Chris Griffiths with Melina Costi and Caragh Medlicott

Creativity directly impacts results and productivity, yet few of us understand how it happens or how to put it into practice. This book shows you not only how to get things done, but how to do them better and more creatively.

The Creative Thinking Handbook provides the correct application for creative thinking and action, by offering clear, practical tools and strategies so that you can develop creative thinking skills and help find brilliant solutions for any professional challenge.

Based on research and proven-to-work creative thinking models, Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi present a clear introduction to what creative thinking is, explain why we all need to do it and will help you generate ideas and make better decisions.

The Creative Thinking Handbook gets you to think differently by thinking creatively.

Building Relationships Month

Forging Bonds in a Global Workforce: Build Rapport, Camaraderie, and Optimal Performance No Matter the Time Zone

by Andy Molinsky and Melissa Hahn | McGraw Hill-Ascent Audio, © 2024

Perfunctory efforts to show investment in a business relationship—detailed in so many books about global work and cultural intelligence—don't cut it anymore. Business professionals working across national and cultural boundaries need to form authentic relationships that drive rapport, camaraderie, and optimal team performance—and Forging Bonds in a Global Workforce provides the most thorough and practical approach to date on this issue.

Business success today requires deeper engagement than ever. Apply the lessons of Forging Bonds in a Global Workforce to build lasting connections and drive career and organizational success in a truly global economy.

Win Business with Relationships: Communication Strategies Inspired by Entrepreneurs and Taoism

by Dr. May Gao | Business Expert Press, © 2023

In this FUN and data rich book, you will discover how you can WIN BUSINESS through cultivating meaningful RELATIONSHIPS, nourished by listening, respect, trust, and cultural sensitivity.

This business development “guidebook” illustrates relationship building and leadership strategies with quotations from entrepreneurs, communication theories, business case studies, Taoism metaphors, and real-life stories. Businesspeople and students can apply ideas from this book for career success and work-life harmony.

Connect! How to Build Trust-Based Relationships

by Dale Carnegie & Associates | G&D Media, © 2022

Now that the citizens of our world have made radical shifts because of the global pandemic, and adjusted to remote work and social distancing, the ways we used to connect with others may seem distant or even obsolete. We yearn for real connection, deep and meaningful interactions that are based on commonality instead of what we can get from one another.

Connections can happen anywhere and can range from the simple to the profound. They are what adds the seasoning to the stew of life. They are the things that can make their day, and make ours, and leave us smiling. And who doesn’t want to smile?

The truth is, it’s easier to change ourselves than our circumstances. And, we can change our circumstances by changing ourselves.

Communication Essentials: The Tools You Need to Master Any Professional Interaction

by Trev Guinn | McGraw Hill, © 2022

No matter how great your knowledge, expertise or experience, poor communication skills undermine your ability to get your message across, achieve your objectives, and build crucial relationships. To advance your career―and succeed in other aspects of life, as well―building theses skills is essential. In Communication Essentials, expert Trey Guinn takes you step-by-step through the process of improvement, from understanding the importance of message clarity to specific, goal-based strategies to develop and maximize your skills.

Packed with insights, anecdotes, exercises, and Essential Takeaways to wrap up each chapter, you'll walk away feeling fully equipped and prepared to put your skills into action right away.

Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative

by Katie McCleary and Jennifer Edwards | McGraw Hill, © 2022

Human beings are born to connect―but in today’s increasingly polarized world, we’re losing sight of the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships. And that’s bad for business. In Bridge the Gap, two prominent Fortune 500 coaches explore how your biology and biography define and refine your behavior in relationships where you struggle to connect. Focusing on personal responsibility and awareness, meta-cognition, and curiosity, they provide a reliable and replicable framework to enhance open communication. And they illuminate the inner workings of the human brain and mind, and how they impact the way you connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Filled with practical exercises, colorful stories, and illustrative case studies, Bridge the Gap reveals how to harness the real and raw power of your mind to build solid workplace relationships in any situation.

Curve Benders: How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-linear Growth in the Future of Work

by David Nour | Gildan Media, © 2021

Curve Benders is a personal growth roadmap. It will guide you through the complicated intersection of work, life, play, and giving. Countless new forces will shape the future, so the strategic relationships we form in these areas of life are, of necessity, changing. This book will show you how to move into the future and dramatically alter your growth trajectory in both its direction and ultimate destination. David Nour, the author of Relationship Economics and a top thought leader on business relationships, has identified 15 forces that will heavily influence what we do and how and where we engage our current and prospective relationships to create value and make a difference in the lives of others.

This book aims to provide you with a step-by-step guide for personal, professional, and organizational growth. The author highlights how certain relationships enable a non-linear growth trajectory.

Work Better Together: How to Cultivate Strong Relationships to Maximize Well-Being and Boost Bottom Lines

by Jen Fisher and Anh Nguyen Phillips | McGraw-Hill, © 2021

For years, companies have been implementing programs that promote social responsibility and improve employee health, both of which benefit the financial bottom line. Now it’s time to focus on positive social interactions and relationships in the workplace. Why? Research shows that authentic, trust-based relationships increase job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention―and even decreased healthcare costs.

In Work Better Together, two experts from Deloitte explain how working remotely, over-relying on digital communication, and always being “on” is fast-increasing feelings of isolation and burnout―and how a work culture driven by quality relationships can reverse these trends. The authors show how to cultivate positive relationships.

Work Better Together walks you through the process of implementing change and fueling a much-needed corporate movement towards humanity in the workplace.

Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone

by Adrienne Bankert | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2020

Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game changer in business, the door-opener to opportunity, and the key to authenticity and confidence. Discover the true potential of kindness and harness its power.

Through years of developing her own kindness practices and studying those of others, Good Morning America correspondent and ABC News journalist Adrienne Bankert has experienced firsthand the unbeatable power of kindness and witnessed its transformative impact on others.

Adjusting our perspective from being closed off and self-centered to a mindset of kindness ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfillment and growth.

No matter our age or ethnicity, where we come from, or how much money we make, every one of us can be kind. Every one of us can be a change agent.



by Kate Nash | Kogan Page © 2022

For many people with a disability, either visible or invisible, that experience is hard to navigate in the context of work. Champion change, for yourself and others, challenge stigma and become Positively Purple.

Sharing a compelling personal story, Kate Nash offers practical advice for how employers can build environments of trust and support for those with disabilities, how employees with disabilities can advocate for themselves and flourish in the workplace and how those without disabilities can be true allies.

Don't become guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to disabled colleagues, employees and customers. Build disability confidence and help create spaces where people with disabilities feel valued and included.


by Alice Wong (ed) | Kogan Page © 2022

One in five people in the United States lives with a disability. Some disabilities are visible, others less apparent—but all are underrepresented in media and popular culture. Activist Alice Wong brings together this urgent, galvanizing collection of contemporary essays by disabled people, just in time for the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

From Harriet McBryde Johnson’s account of her debate with Peter Singer over her own personhood to original pieces by authors like Keah Brown and Haben Girma; from blog posts, manifestos, and eulogies to Congressional testimonies, and beyond: this anthology gives a glimpse into the rich complexity of the disabled experience, highlighting the passions, talents, and everyday lives of this community.


by John D. Kemp | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

Although progress has been made around equality for many marginalized groups, people with disabilities are still massively underrepresented in organizations’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. People with disabilities make up at least 15% of the population, yet they are still too often overlooked. Many people with disabilities are highly motivated, create fantastic work, and add tremendous value to organizations.

Disability Friendly is a clarion call to businesses around the world to realize the opportunities presented by employing people with disabilities. It explains the potential of disabled employees, how to create a culture of inclusion, and, in the process, help people with disabilities become proud contributors.


by Emily Ladau | Published by Ten Speed Press © 2021

People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority, an estimated 15 percent of the global population. But many of us—disabled and nondisabled alike—don’t know how to act, what to say, or how to be an ally to the disability community. Demystifying Disability is a friendly handbook on the important disability issues you need to know about, including: How to appropriately think, talk, and ask about disability, Practicing good disability etiquette, and Ensuring accessibility becomes your standard practice, from everyday communication to planning special events.

Authored by celebrated disability rights advocate, speaker, and writer Emily Ladau, this practical, intersectional guide offers all readers a welcoming place to understand disability as part of the human experience.


by Katie Rose Guest Pyral | Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2022

In these deeply personal, fiery essays, Pryal tells her story of transformation that began the moment she chose to publicly disclose her own mental illness and leave her career in higher education to begin fighting for a better world for people with psychiatric disabilities. The stories she tells are universal: the fear of stigma, the fight for accommodations, and the raw reality of living with mental illness in a world that pushes mental health to the margins.

People carelessly call each other “schizo” and “bipolar.” A colleague is fired for “instability.” Pryal learned that, as a psychiatrically disabled person working in higher education, her very livelihood could be stripped away by the groundless suspicions of others.


by Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu | Published by SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd | © 2021

Swimming Against the Tide is an inspirational story about an ordinary woman with extraordinary grit who set out to create a fair and inclusive world for the persons with disability.

When she was seven months old, a massive polio attack left Madhavi paralyzed below the shoulder. But her parents refused to leave her to her fate. With their most powerful wealth―patience and love―they gave Madhavi the wings to set out and conquer the world on her own terms.

Triumphing over a near-death situation with hydrotherapy, she eventually became a national champion in para swimming. She then started a movement called ‘Yes, We Too Can!!!’ and co-opted other athletes with disabilities to realize their dreams through access to sports.


by Tom Sullivan | Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2022

Life as experienced from the inside out, rather than the outside in, offers us a path to the elimination of labels that cripple our ability to love and care for each other with open hearts and open minds.

With a life in show business touched by relationships with stars like Michael Landon, Robin Williams, and the incomparable Betty White, Tom’s personal stories weave a tapestry that offer the listener concrete examples of his unique approach to inside-out vision. At a time when we are being torn apart by unspeakable violence, social injustice, and political cronyism, this book stands as a beacon of hope reminding us of the light that shines out from inside each of us.


by Tamara Rosier | Published by Diversion Books © 2023

If you have ADHD, your brain doesn't work in the same way as a "normal" or neurotypical brain does because it's wired differently. You and others may see this difference in circuitry as somehow wrong or incomplete. It isn't. It does present you with significant challenges like time management, organization skills, forgetfulness, trouble completing tasks, mood swings, and relationship problems.

In Your Brain's Not Broken, Dr. Tamara Rosier explains how ADHD affects every aspect of your life. You'll finally understand why you think, feel, and act the way you do. Dr. Rosier applies her years of coaching others to offer you the critical practical tools that can dramatically improve your life and relationships.




by Nick Chatrath | Diversion Books © 2023

In the face of increasingly intelligent technology, old models of leadership are becoming obsolete. In The Threshold, accomplished leadership consultant Nick Chatrath interweaves an analysis of antiquated leadership models—the ones that leave AI-Era organizations exposed and ineffective with colleagues frustrated, unmotivated, and burnt-out—with his newly developed strategies for more effective “threshold” leadership methods. Supported with anecdotes, research, and a practical toolkit, The Threshold demonstrates that adaptive, effective organizations can be built with human, emotional intelligence: cultivating stillness, nurturing independent thinking, finding rhythms of rest and performance, and raising leadership consciousness. The Threshold illuminates how accessing advanced stages of human development can be both competitive and harmonious with AI’s growing insinuation into our working world.


by Zoe Chance | Random House © 2022

You were born influential. But then you were taught to suppress that power, to follow the rules, to wait your turn, to not make waves. Award-winning Yale professor Zoe Chance will show you how to rediscover the superpower that brings great ideas to life.

Influence doesn’t work the way you think because you don’t think the way you think. Move past common misconceptions—such as the idea that asking for more will make people dislike you—and understand why your go-to negotiation strategies are probably making you less influential. Discover the one thing that influences behavior more than anything else. Learn to cultivate charisma, negotiate comfortably and creatively, and spot manipulators before it’s too late.


by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2022

In the new seventh edition ofThe Leadership Challenge, best-selling leadership authors and business scholars James Kouzes and Barry Posner deliver an essential strategic playbook for effective leadership. The book’s actionable advice is grounded in robust research and deep insights into the complex interpersonal dynamics of the workplace.

Premier authorities in the field, the authors frame leadership as both a skill to be learned and as a relationship to be nurtured. They demonstrate how to achieve extraordinary results in the face of contemporary business challenges with engaging stories, current case studies, and straightforward frameworks for those who seek continuous, incremental improvement.


by Saying Less by Joseph McCormack | Gildan Media © 2022

The only way to survive in business today is to be a lean communicator. Buried in information and barraged by non-stop interruptions, executives don’t have time to waste. So, throw them a lifeline and be brief.

In his book with Wiley & Sons, Joe McCormack tackles the impact of brevity in business. And related Brief Lab workshops complement the recommendations in the book.

The mastery of BRIEF requires three awareness, discipline and decisiveness. You need to do the groundwork to make your message tight and to the point. Brevity isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity. If you’re serious about mastering concise communication, order the book and get started today.


by MIT Sloan Management Review | MIT Sloan Management © 2023

Culture is often described as “how we do things around here” — a passive reflection of legacy norms and behaviors. It’s more helpful to think of culture as the nervous system of an organization. In biology, the central nervous system is the pathway by which thoughts in our brains are translated into actions by our muscles, and how our experience of acting in the world updates our brain’s understanding of the world. In organizations, this means thinking of culture as the transmission mechanism by which a company both communicates its intended strategy to the front lines and receives feedback and intelligence from the field about whether the strategy is achieving the intended outcomes in the market.


by Ginni Rometty | Gildan Media © 2023

One of the world's most respected leaders, former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty overcame childhood and financial struggles to embark on a groundbreaking career.

The book begins with raw, vivid memories from Rometty's youth and early professional life as she reflects on the trauma and role models that influenced how she later thought about good power. Rometty then shares how she strived to use good power during her career and as a transformative CEO. Five principles-be in service of many stakeholders, build belief among skeptics, make tough choices, champion tech ethics and inclusion, be resilient-show how to navigate tension and build trust on the path to real change.


by Ashutosh Garg, Alexandra Levit, Kamal Ahluwalia | Kogan Page © 2023

It's vital that leaders do everything they can to hire, develop and keep the people who are driving their growth and help them recognize their skills, capabilities and potential. Deep Talent provides strategies and approaches that any business leader can adopt to reinvigorate their workforce. It highlights the rising significance of talent intelligence platforms which, when combined with human instinct, can streamline and enhance business practices.

Drawing upon fascinating case studies and first-hand research, Deep Talent provides clear strategies for supporting your workforce and using AI to its full potential. Uncover the cutting-edge ways in which you can reinvigorate the enthusiasm and productivity of your workforce and attract the best talent to your organization.


How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation

by Sandra Ingerman | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2022

We may not realize it consciously, but negative feelings can be as toxic as physical poisons, wearing on us and causing depression, illness, and burnout. But how can we keep ourselves safe in a world too often ruled by resentment, jealousy, rage, and stress? How to Heal Toxic Thoughtsprovides the cure, and it lies in the ancient principle of alchemy. Many people think that the old alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold. But in actuality, as Sandra Ingerman—a practicing shaman and psychologist—reveals, they were metaphorically working on transforming heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness. Using their theories, Ingerman offers strategies for processing the harmful thoughts and emotions that hit us throughout our day. Instead of sending and receiving lethal energy, you will learn, through meditations, visualizations, and other exercises, how to radiate positive thoughts and shield yourself from those that are destructive. Her methods of simple . . . but they can change you, others, and the world.

The Self-Care Mindset: Rethinking How We Change and Grow, Harness Well-Being, and Reclaim Work-Life Quality

by Jeanette Bronee | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2022

In The Self-Care Mindset, celebrated well-being and mindset expert Jeanette Bronée delivers an actionable and groundbreaking approach that challenges us to rethink self-care at work so we no longer have to choose between being healthy and being successful. With Jeanette’s inclusive approach to self-care, you will receive the tools to protect and unlock our most important resource: our humanity. You’ll learn how to better manage stress, break free from living in survival mode, and navigate FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) so you can harness change and grow by reclaiming agency and recovering what you care about.

Happy Healthy You: Your Total Wellness Toolkit for Renewing Body, Soul, and Mind

by KJ Landis | Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2018

We are all so busy nowadays, and tackling all those to-do lists can leave us drained, worn down, and lacking energy. When you take a deeper look inside, you will also discover patterns, old habits, and past events blocking self-growth.

Life coach extraordinaire, KJ Landis, helps identify how, why, and where we got stuck in the first place, and how we can utilize past trauma and drama as a springboard to becoming our most authentic, vibrant selves. As one of KJ's students enthuses, "She has taught me several tangible strategies to cope with stress...I am using KJ's simple techniques to achieve my lifelong health goals."

Yoga Classes for the Complete Beginner: 4 Yoga Classes Suitable for the Complete Beginner

by Sue Fuller | Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2021

This audio set contains four different yoga classes suitable for the complete beginner.

Yoga for the Complete Beginner is a gentle, nurturing class that lays a foundation and prepares the body and mind for regular yoga practice. More Yoga for the Complete Beginner naturally follows and includes a different selection of postures, adding variety to your practice. Yoga Flow for the Complete Beginner introduces the concept of vinyasa flow and moves the body gently through different postures whilst synchronizing the breath and movement. Yoga Nidra for the Complete Beginner introduces the ancient practice of yoga nidra.

#HEALTHY: Rewiring the Brain for Healthy Weight Loss

by Crystal Dwyer, Kusha Karvandi, Dan Palomino | Made for Success © 2018

Finally, a guide on how to live the lifestyle of that girl on Instagram, without all the obnoxious hashtags!

Instead of doing an annoying diet and barraging people with #whole30 #keto #skinny, take a different approach and change your mindset to break food's grip on your life. In this program, you will learn to lose weight naturally as a result of changing how you think about food; gain more energy as your body naturally cleans and refreshes; feel better overall-your self-image, mind, and physical body together; and kick yourself into a better lifestyle and live the life of the skinny b!@#$ ... without annoying all your friends, family, and strangers in the process.

Your Brain on Exercise

by Gary L. Wenk | Oxford University Press (US) © 2021

Decades of research demonstrate that regular modest levels of exercise improve heart and lung function and may relieve joint pain. Regular daily exercise will help your body to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation, and many of these benefits are a consequence of reducing the amount of body fat you carry around. Your body clearly benefits in many ways from regular exercise. Your Brain on Exercise skillfully blends scholarship with illuminating insights and clarity. Without requiring any specialized knowledge about the brain, Your Brain on Exercise entertainingly illustrates the intersection between brain health, the consequences of exercise, and our need to eat in an entirely new light. An internationally renowned neuroscientist and medical researcher, Dr. Wenk has been educating college and medical students about the brain and lecturing around the world for more than forty years.

Techniques of Healthy Cooking, 4th Edition

by The Culinary Institute of America | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2013

Choosing a healthy eating pattern is vitally important, as diet directly influences health. From The Culinary Institute of America, Techniques of Healthy Cooking is a comprehensive kitchen reference for understanding nutrition concepts, creating healthy eating patterns, developing healthy recipes and menus, and cooking healthy recipes. From soups, salads, and appetizers to main dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are nearly 500 recipes with more than 150 four-color photographs of ingredients, techniques, and finished dishes.

A Walk in the Wood: Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named Pooh

by Joseph Parent, Nancy Parent | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2018

The benefits of mindfulness are well recognized: greater peace of mind, less stress, and the opportunity to work through and transform thoughts, memories, and worries. It also fosters equanimity, helping us accept the changes and challenges life brings.

In our frantic world, who better to guide listeners through this transformative practice than a long-beloved bear who has perfected the art of simply being? (And, not coincidentally, he lives in the woods.

There is a growing acknowledgment of the benefits of deeply experiencing nature. The calming quality of sounds like running water and rustling leaves, the soothing properties of smells like lavender and chamomile, and the emotional comfort of beautiful natural vistas are well known.

AI Fundamentals Month


by Scott Brinker, Vijay Tella, Massimo Pezzini | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

Digital transformation of the business landscape is well underway, and businesses are being reshaped faster than ever before. Agility and adaptability are now critical components of these business' survival. But building these traits requires a holistic approach with an unrelenting focus on automation. How does one go about developing that focus?

In The New Automation Mindset: The Leadership Blueprint for the Era of AI-for-All, renowned entrepreneur and tech strategists Vijay Tella, Scott Brinker, and Massimo Pezzini deliver a guide to implementing automation in the real world, avoiding jargon and vague bromides in favor of concrete examples of the successful integration of automated technologies and descriptions of the positive results they had on the companies that deployed them.


by Pam Baker | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

ChatGPT For Dummies demystifies the artificial intelligence tool that can answer questions, write essays, and generate just about any kind of text it’s asked for. This powerful example of generative AI is widely predicted to upend education and business. In this book, you’ll learn how ChatGPT works and how you can operate it in a way that yields satisfactory results. You’ll also explore the ethics of using AI-generated content for various purposes. Written by a journalist who's been on the front lines of artificial intelligence for over a decade, this book dives deep into ChatGPT’s potential, so you can make informed decisions―without asking ChatGPT for help.

This just-in-time Dummies title is perfect for any life or career may be impacted by ChatGPT and other AI. ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg, and this book can help you prepare for the future.


by Jason Thacker | Harpercollins Leadership © 2020

Are robots going to take my job? How are smartphones affecting my kids? Do I need to worry about privacy when I get online or ask Siri for directions? Whatever questions you have about AI, The Age of AI gives you insights on how to navigate this brand-new world as you apply God's ageless truths to your life and future.

We interact with artificial intelligence, or AI, nearly every moment of the day without knowing it. From our Twitter and Facebook social media feeds to our online carts to smart thermostats and Alexa and Google Home, AI is everywhere. In The Age of AI, Jason Thacker helps us navigate our digital age in this thoughtful exploration of the social, moral, and ethical challenges of our ongoing interactions with artificial intelligence.


by Raymond S. T. Lee | Springer © 2020

Given the exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past few decades, AI and its related applications have become part of daily life in ways that we could never have dreamt of only a century ago. Our routines have been changed beyond measure by robotics and AI, which are now used in a vast array of services. This book introduces readers to basic Artificial Intelligence concepts, and helps them understand the relationship between AI and daily life.

Part I (AI Concepts) presents fundamental concepts of and information on AI, Part II (AI Technology) introduces the five core AI Technologies that provide the building blocks for various AI application, Part III (AI Applications) reviews contemporary applications, and Part IV (Beyond AI) addresses topics that are vital to the future development of AI.


by Mark Minevich | John Wiley & Sons (Us) © 2023

In Our Planet Powered by AI, renowned AI strategist and pioneer Mark Minevich delivers an exciting and practical discussion of how to implement groundbreaking artificial intelligence technologies at every level of your organization. You’ll learn to create sustainable, effective competitive advantage by introducing previously unheard-of levels of adaptability, resilience, and innovation into your company.

Using real-world case studies from a variety of well-known industry leaders, the author explains the strategic archetypes, technological infrastructures, and cultures of sustainability you’ll need to ensure your firm’s next-level digital transformation takes root. Our Planet Powered by AI is an engaging and hands-on exploration of how to take your firm to new levels of dynamism and growth.


by Nick Chatrath | Diversion Books © 2023

Are you uncertain about leading in a technological era but eager to embrace new models of leadership? Do you want to learn how to build an adaptive, effective organization? Perhaps you’re keen on leveraging the qualities that make us innately human, as we stand on the brink of an age of AI superintelligence? This book is for individuals at all levels―from the C-suite to the mail room ―who are ready to merge humanness and leadership in the world of AI.

Nick Chatrath delves into the leadership skills that are necessary to help organizations successfully transition into the age of artificial intelligence, or AI. According to the author, navigating this unfamiliar and turbulent world requires a fundamental change in mindset and leadership approach.

Rise Of Generative AI and ChatGPT

by Utpal Chakraborty, Soumyadeep Roy, Sumit Kumar | BPB Publications © 2023

Generative AI and ChatGPT have the potential to transform industries and society by improving efficiency, enhancing creativity, and enabling more personalized experiences. If you are someone who is looking to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving digital age and utilize its potential, this book is for you.

This book gives a comprehensive overview of Generative AI and ChatGPT, the cutting-edge technologies that have gained significant attention in recent times. The book aims to provide a thorough understanding of these technologies, architectures, and training methods, including their background, development process, and current state. The book helps discover innovative ways in which these technologies have been implemented to achieve measurable benefits, including improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, security, and revenue growth and its potential application across different industries and use cases.


by Max Tegmark | Penguin Books © 2017

How can we grow our prosperity through automation without leaving people lacking income or purpose? What career advice should we give today’s kids? How can we make future AI systems more robust, so that they do what we want without crashing, malfunctioning or getting hacked? Should we fear an arms race in lethal autonomous weapons? Will machines eventually outsmart us at all tasks, replacing humans on the job market and perhaps altogether? Will AI help life flourish like never before or give us more power than we can handle? What sort of future do you want?

This book empowers you to join what may be the most important conversation of our time. It doesn’t shy away from the full range of viewpoints or from the most controversial issues—from superintelligence to meaning, consciousness and the ultimate physical limits on life in the cosmos.

Work and Life Balance Month

Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

by Melo Calarco | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

Never-ending to-do lists, constant deadlines, intense workloads and the guilty feeling you’re not doing enough—does this sound all too familiar? If so, it’s time to take a step back and find a better balance for your work and life. In this book, you’ll discover the simple practices that will help you create a healthy mindset, boost your wellbeing and prevent overwhelm. So say goodbye to fatigue: with Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, you’ll rediscover the energy you need to thrive. Through inspirational stories and proven techniques, from mountaintop monasteries to executive boardrooms, Beating Burnout, Finding Balance gives you the tools to achieve your goals and live more meaningfully and mindfully.

Embracing the Calm in the Chaos: How to Find Success in Business and Life Through Perseverance, Connection, and Collaboration

by Stacy Igel | HarperCollins Leadership © 2023

Stacy Igel, founder of the global fashion line BOY MEETS GIRL®, walks you through the highs and lows of creating a business: how to establish a brand and attract customers, hire and fire employees, collaborate with business partners, rise up from the midst of discouragement, and not just survive the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship—but thrive.

Stacy shares her twenty-year journey of growing her company from the ground up while powering through life’s challenges. Today, with her clothing sold in Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and other stores worldwide, Stacy has climbed to the top of the ladder—but instead of pausing to look at the view, she’s pulling other women up with her.

Chained to a Desk in a Hybrid World: A Guide to Work-Life Balance

by Bryan E. Robinson | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2023

Americans love a hard worker. The employee who toils eighteen-hour days and eats meals on the run between appointments is usually viewed with a combination of respect and awe. But for many, this lifestyle leads to family problems, a decline in work productivity, and, ultimately, physical and mental burnout. Chained to the Desk in a Hybrid World provides an inside look at the impact of work stress on those who live and work with workaholics—partners, spouses, children, and colleagues—as well as the appropriate techniques for clinicians who treat them.

Chained to the Desk in a Hybrid World both counsels and consoles. It provides a step-by-step guide to help listeners spot, understand, and ultimately recover from workaholism.

Powered by Me: From Burned Out to Fully Charged at Work and Life

by Neha Sangwan | McGraw-Hill © 2024

This global epidemic is not merely a case of working too hard or feeling physically exhausted for an extended period of time. According to physician, executive coach, and speaker Neha Sangwan—an expert empowering corporate leaders and organizational teams to excel under pressure—burnout is due to prolonged stress and an ongoing net drain of energy on one or more of five levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. When we burn out, our productivity suffers, our health declines, and we’re more reactive in our relationships. Not having the resources to handle challenging circumstances, address conflict, or maintain healthy boundaries worsens stress and dysfunction in our professional and personal lives.

The Self-Care Mindset: How We Change and Grow, Harness Well-Being, And Reclaim Work-Life Quality

by Jeanette Bronee | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2022

The world has changed, our lives have changed, and in recent years, our work has changed. Despite the disruption, our relationship and understanding of self-care have remained the same as we still see it as something fluffy or a perfect list of habits that we “do” alone outside of work to recover. But what if self-care wasn’t something we “do”? What if self-care is a mindset that allows us to achieve peak performance, engagement, and growth without burning out and sacrificing our health and joy?

A can’t-miss resource for busy professionals and business leaders everywhere, The Self-Care Mindset will find its way into the hands of managers, executives, board members, and anyone else who struggles to be busy and find fulfillment and happiness in their working lives at the same time.

The Work-Life Balance Myth: Rethinking Your Optimal Balance For Success

by David J. McNeff | McGraw-Hill © 2021

An empowering guide that will show you how to shed the myth of the “work-life balance” by merging the seven key components that make up your life to attain harmony and whole-life success.

“All of us have Seven Slices in our lives: our Family Slice, our Professional Slice, our Personal Slice, our Physical Slice, our Intellectual Slice, our Emotional Slice, and our Spiritual Slice. These all need to be served in some fashion―and in serving them, they, in turn, serve us.”

What this book will do is provide you with proven new ways of framing your life, seeing stress for what it is, and vastly improving your ability to navigate the emotional challenges that will inevitably arise in a way that serves your Seven Slices.

Balance is BS: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.

by Tamara Loehr | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2019

Balance is B.S. is an unflinching and honest look at the challenges today’s working woman faces in balancing her professional and personal lives. In the United States, women comprise over 40% of household income. Increased gender diversity in the modern business landscape continues to have a positive impact on bottom lines and revenue reports across the economy, and offers significant benefits for ambitious women in the workplace. This increase of women in the workforce does present a serious problem—women are working longer and harder outside of the home, but their workload has not lessened inside of the home. While their career prospects rise, expectations of their family and personal lives remain flat. Women pursue the mythical “work-life” balance, and feel guilty for not reaching it. There is a better way.

The Golden Apple: Redefining Work-Life Balance for a Diverse Workforce

by Mason Donovan | Bibliomotion © 2016

Organizations are coming to the reality that work-life balance is no longer solely an issue for working women. As we progress further into the 21st century, workers and ways of working are changing. We have four generations operating together in the workplace, and a tremendous variety of professional expectations, values, goals, and needs. People want to work, but more and more need work to work better in their lives. Backed by 20 years of talent engagement expertise, The Golden Apple bridges the gap between awareness and action, giving leaders practical solutions they can take for immediate impact. In short, the book shows how full engagement of a diverse, inclusive workforce is the competitive advantage of our time.

Stress Awareness Week

Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

by Melo Calarco | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

Never-ending to-do lists, constant deadlines, intense workloads and the guilty feeling you’re not doing enough—does this sound all too familiar? If so, it’s time to take a step back and find a better balance for your work and life. In this book, you’ll discover the simple practices that will help you create a healthy mindset, boost your well-being and prevent overwhelm. So say goodbye to fatigue: with Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, you’ll rediscover the energy you need to thrive.

Mindfulness for the Wandering Mind: Life-Changing Tools for Managing Stress and Improving Mental Health at Work and In Life

by Pandit Dasa | Gildan Media © 2023

Written by a monk-turned-leadership-guru, Mindfulness For the Wandering Mind offers unique insight on how you can focus your mind, become more resilient, respond better to conflict, and build stronger professional (and personal) relationships. It's all possible when you begin to understand how your mind works and take control of this complicated mechanism. This book will show you how to identify and close the "apps" that are constantly running in your own mind, so you can eliminate distractions and find greater peace and productivity in your daily life.

Rewire Your Brain 2.0: Five Healthy Factors to a Better Life

by John B. Arden | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

In the newly revised Rewire Your Brain 2.0, distinguished psychologist Dr. John B. Arden delivers an essential discussion of how to apply the latest developments in neuroscience, epigenetics, and immunology to help improve your mood, memory, lives, longevity, and relationships. You’ll learn to overcome mild depression and anxiety, procrastination, burnout, compassion fatigue, and a variety of other negative thought patterns. A practical and hands-on roadmap to applying new advances in neuroscience, psychology, gene expression, and immune system research to everyday problems we all face.

Farther, Faster, and Far Less Drama: How to Reduce Stress and Make Extraordinary Progress Wherever You Lead

by Janice Fraser and John Fraser | Gildan Media © 2023

Everyone wishes life could be simpler in this fast-paced world, but that often feels impossible. It doesn't have to. Janice and Jason Fraser have been using their method for decades to help all kinds of people—including Navy SEALs, startup CEOs, and Fortune 100 executives—make progress in both their professional and personal lives by solving hard problems with grace. The approach is simple but powerful, calling on listeners to: orient honestly, value outcomes, leverage brains, and make durable decisions. Farther, Faster, and Far Less Drama offers theory alongside hands-on exercises, formulas, and frameworks that can all be adapted to real-life situations.

Overcoming Stress-Induced Brain Fog: 10 Simple Ways to Find Focus, Improve Memory, and Feel Grounded

by Jill Weber | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2022

Do you ever feel spaced out or stuck in a rut, like you just can't think, or you're moving in slow motion? Perhaps you feel detached or disengaged, defeated and hopeless, or just not fully yourself. If you're struggling with a lack of mental clarity, energy, and belief in yourself and your capabilities, you may be experiencing the dreaded brain fog—a very real issue that can result from the exhaustion, overstimulation, and the stress of modern life.

Based on cutting-edge research, Overcoming Stress-Induced Brain Fog offers quick solutions you can put to work right away, including exercises based in awareness, mindfulness and acceptance, and self-compassion.

Burnout for Dummies

by Eva M. Selhub | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2022

Chronic, unmanaged stress—at work, at home, or in other areas of life—can lead to burnout. Burnout For Dummies shows you the way toward understanding and overcoming this all-to-common condition of modern life. Many of us find ourselves living in a state of constant resignation, which sucks the joy out of life and can be detrimental to our physical health. The tips and exercises in this book can help you minimize stress, become more resilient and create a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life.

Mindfulness and resilience guru Dr. Eva Selhub offers a science-based plan that you can use to destress, build inner resources and coping skills, and start enjoying life (and work) again.


The Inclusive Organization: Real Solutions, Impactful Change, and Meaningful Diversity

by Netta Jenkins | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

DEI is an 8-billion dollar industry that is not yet accessing its full potential through real solutions and results. However, through a powerful formula of policies and practices that motivate employees to be more socially and self-aware, The Inclusive Organization is a revolutionary yet practical resource for individuals at any stage of their career. Jenkins discusses human behavior, workplace psychology, and shares her DEI-tested framework for success. You'll read about: the "how" of DEI implementation with actionable steps, creating your own customized DEI roadmap with worksheet examples and toolkits, and stories with firsthand observations that bring to life important concepts.

Building a Culture of Inclusivity: Effective Internal Communication for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

by Priya Bates and Advita Patel | Kogan Page © 2023

Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) have never been so important in organizations and yet many feel inadequately prepared. In this guide, the authors combine their expert knowledge to provide a practical approach to bridge this skills and knowledge gap for those delivering Internal Communications. Navigating DEI language can be difficult, but Building a Culture of Inclusivity will help Internal Communication professionals, HR and business leaders engage employees in driving culture change to ensure everyone feels valued and like they belong. This book provides a roadmap to manage tangible change consistently throughout the year and techniques that avoid inauthenticity.

The Equity Mindset: Designing Human Spaces Through Journeys, Reflections, and Practices

by Ifeomasinachi Ike | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

In The Equity Mindset, celebrated researcher, attorney, and activist Ifeomasinachi Ike delivers a moving and impactful exploration of why equity is so important, the shortcomings of institutional diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, and how we creatively and boldly design cultures centering the expertise of those who know first-hand how inequity has shaped work culture. The book examines the dynamics of normalized institutional oppression, offers real-world case studies, and provides readers with new practices, key performance indicators (KPIs), and milestones for measuring the success of modern DEI efforts. At its core,The Equity Mindset is about adopting a problem-solving mentality to address social inequities to ensure we all thrive.


by Celeste Warren | Berrett-Koehler Publishers © 2022

Using a proven three-part framework, this book shows how anyone—from a CEO to frontline employee—can play a pivotal role in creating a diverse and welcoming workplace. Creating a diverse workplace needs to be an ongoing effort, not just the subject of occasional training. As Celeste Warren says, needed change won't take place unless all employees feel that they have a role to play in creating the culture they would like to see in their organization. Regardless of what position you hold, you have the ability to impact change and create a more inclusive environment.


by La'Wana Harris | Berrett-Koehler Publishers © 2019

The ugly truth about diversity is that some people worry they must give up their power for others to have a chance. La'Wana Harris's Inclusion Coaching method helps people realize that sharing power isn't the same as losing it. La'Wana Harris introduces Inclusion Coaching, a new tool based on cutting-edge research that identifies the stages of preparation, implementation, and “self-work” necessary to help individuals, teams, and organizations build a sustainable culture of inclusion. Harris's six-stage COMMIT model provides a proven process for making people aware of their own conscious and unconscious biases and concrete steps to make inclusion an embedded reality.


by Michelle Silverthorn | Gildan Media © 2021

In Authentic Diversity, culture change expert and diversity speaker Michelle Silverthorn explains how to transform diversity and inclusion from mere lip service into the very heart of leadership. Following the journey of a Black woman in the workplace, leaders learn the old rules of diversity that keep failing her and millions like her again and again, and the new rules they must put in place to make success a reality for everyone. A millennial, immigrant, and Black woman in America, Michelle will show you how to lead a space centered on equity, allyship, and inclusion and how together we can build a new organization, and nation, centered on justice.


by Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2022

Every year America becomes more diverse, but change in the makeup of the management ranks has stalled. The problem has become an urgent matter of national debate. How do we fix it? Arguing that it's time to focus on changing systems rather than individuals, two of the world's leading experts on workplace diversity show us a better way in the first comprehensive, data-driven analysis of what succeeds and what fails. The surprising results will change how America works. Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev draw on more than thirty years of data from eight hundred companies as well as in-depth interviews with managers.


by Laura A. Liswood | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2022

In The Elephant and the Mouse, award-winning speaker and diversity and inclusion expert Laura Liswood delivers a thought-provoking and insightful new business guide that explores workplace diversity and offers new ideas for gaining the real benefits from your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The Elephant and the Mouse refers to the dynamic in organizations that are roadblocks to consciously inclusive success. The Elephant, often dominant group leadership, knows little about the experiences of the Mouse, the non-dominant groups, while the Mouse knows so much more about the Elephant. In diverse workplaces, these two groups live in different worlds.



by Richard Wagamese | Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2019

Whether the topic is learning from his fifth grade teacher about Martin Luther King Jr., gleaning understanding from a wolf track, lighting a fire for the first time without matches, or finding the universe in an eagle feather, these stories exhibit the warmth, wisdom, and generosity that made One Native Life so popular. As always, the land serves as Wagamese's guide. And as always, he finds that true home means not only community but conversation - good, straight-hearted talk about important things. We all need to tell our stories, he says. Every voice matters.


by Robin Wall Kimmerer | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2016

As a botanist and professor of plant ecology, Robin Wall Kimmerer has spent a career learning how to ask questions of nature using the tools of science. As a Potawatomi woman, she learned from elders, family, and history that the Potawatomi, as well as a majority of other cultures indigenous to this land, consider plants and animals to be our oldest teachers. In Braiding Sweetgrass, Kimmerer brings these two lenses of knowing together to reveal what it means to see humans as "the younger brothers of creation."


by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz | Recorded Books, Inc. © 2014

Today in the United States, there are more than 500 federally recognized Indigenous nations comprising nearly three million people, descendants of the 15 million Native people who once inhabited this land. The centuries-long genocidal program of the US settler-colonial regimen has largely been omitted from history. Dunbar-Ortiz adroitly challenges the founding myth of the United States and shows how policy against the Indigenous peoples was colonialist and designed to seize the territories of the original inhabitants, displacing or eliminating them.


by Tyson Yunkaporta | Skillsoft © 2022

In Sand Talk, author Tyson Yunkaporta shares his views on how indigenous thinking can reshape our attitudes toward current global systems—economic, social ecological, technological, and political—to the betterment of all. Most of all it’s about a very special way of thinking, of learning to see from a native perspective, one that is spiritually and physically tied to the earth around us, and how it can save our world. In this Review, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.



by Rebecca Page-Tickell | Kogan Page © 2022

Providing diagnostic tools, scenarios and case studies, Learning and Development demonstrates how to link learning to strategic business goals and explores both the benefits and complexities associated with L&D. This updated third edition features a new chapter on designing learning interventions, covering technology-led development and the impact of virtual learning. There is also guidance on making learning and development strategies accessible and inclusive for all employees, and information on metrics that can be used for measuring effectiveness.


by Michael Armstrong | Kogan Page © 2021

Supported by case studies and examples to put the theory in context, reflective exercises to consolidate learning and further reading suggestions to broaden knowledge and engagement with the topic, Armstrong's Handbook of Learning and Development is crucial reading for academic success. The final part of the book includes additional aspects of L&D including apprenticeships, leadership development and personal and interpersonal skills development. Online resources include lecture slides for every chapter, a lecturer manual and student manual.


by Kathy Beevers, Andrew Rea, David Hayden | Kogan Page © 2020

This new edition of Learning and Development Practice in the Workplace has been fully updated, reflecting the new CIPD Profession Map, and now has dedicated chapters on the different approaches to learning delivery, including face-to-face training and facilitation, technology-based learning, coaching, mentoring and social and collaborative learning. There is also expert guidance on learner engagement including insights from neuroscience and psychology, as well as advice on evaluating the impact of L&D.


by William J. Rothwell, Aileen G. Zaballero, Sandra L. Williams| Springer © 2020

This book provides a guide to the process of accrediting training programs, sets out how to achieve consistent measurement of the results of training, and explains why accreditation is critical for capturing and developing today’s workers’ skills, aiding retention, and boosting strategic organizational credibility with millennials. Workplace and executive training is a multi-billion dollar industry and yet an enormous percentage of that budget is spent on programs that have never been rigorously examined to ensure that they are fit for purpose and deliver value for the money.


by Shelley Osborne | McGraw-Hill © 2020

Make continuous learning part of your company’s DNA―and growth, profits, and sustainability will follow. Keeping up with the pace of change may seem impossible, but it’s not. The secret is to make continuous learning a top value for every person on the team so when change happens, everyone is prepared. In The Upskilling Imperative, Shelley Osborne, Udemy’s Vice President of Learning, reveals the methods she uses to help many of today’s leading companies―from Adidas to PayPal to Barclays―build and sustain a culture of learning.


by Michelle Parry-Slater | Kogan Page © 2021

The skills needed in today's business world are not the same as they were in the past. Therefore, upskilling, reskilling and developing staff has never been more important. However, classroom training isn't the best way to achieve this with employees forgetting more than 70% of what they've been taught within just one day. The Learning and Development Handbook is a practical guide for L&D professionals wanting to move away from traditional classroom teaching but not sure where to start.


by Nick Hernandez | Kogan Page © 2023

Collaborative Learning explains how to leverage the knowledge and experience of existing employees to upskill your entire workforce from within. This book is full of expert discussion about why collaborative learning is a culture enhancer and skills enabler, and contains advice for overcoming common obstacles when making collaborative learning part of a company's learning strategy. This book is a blueprint for all L&D professionals who are looking to embed collaborative learning in the workplace and upskill from within, but aren't sure where to start.


by Nelson Sivalingam | Kogan Page © 2022

Learning at Speed is a practical book which brings together the best from lean and agile methodologies to show how they can be applied to learning and development (L&D) to improve individual and organizational performance. This provides a people development framework which can be used to deconstruct a learning strategy and optimise each element for improved results. It shows how to identify learning barriers and possible solutions, leverage company data to understand learning needs and how to assess the most effective learning resources and delivery channels.

Preparedness Month


by Bob Campbell | John Wiley & Sons (US), © 2023

Crisis-ready Leadership provides the knowledge and skills necessary to make timely and effective decisions while managing a large-scale incident. Codifying the best practices from the successful FEMA-certified course On-Scene Crisis Leadership and Decision Making for HazMat Incidents, this comprehensive volume provides systematic guidance on best practices for improving situational awareness, adapting leadership styles, implementing incident command systems across political and organizational boundaries, and more.


by David Hillson | Berrett-Koehler Publishers, © 2022

Risk management has become a standard part of the strategic tool kit, providing senior leaders with a forward-looking radar to scan the future and give early warnings of approaching threats and opportunities. However, even best-in-class organizations can falter in the face of extreme risk exposure. Special circumstances demand special responses, and extreme risk exposure needs very careful handling. Routine risk management approaches will fall short, but businesses that demonstrate a high degree of flexibility and resilience will have the competitive advantage and the ability to thrive where others fail.


by Robert A. Clark | IT Governance, © 2022

COVID-19 has shown organizations that the threat of a pandemic needs to be taken seriously, emphasizing the importance of having a business continuity plan and a pandemic plan. Clark’s book focuses on how an organization can create a new or update an existing pandemic response plan. He highlights the similarities in managing different types of crisis, whether it is a pandemic, or other threats such as cyber attacks, floods, fires, civil disturbances, terrorism, etc.


by Jeff Schlegelmilch, Irwin Redlener | Recorded Books, Inc., © 2020

Rethinking Readiness offers an expert introduction to human-made threats and vulnerabilities, with a focus on opportunities to reimagine how we approach disaster preparedness. Jeff Schlegelmilch identifies and explores the most critical threats facing the world today, detailing the dangers of pandemics, climate change, infrastructure collapse, cyberattacks, and nuclear conflict. Drawing on the latest research from leading experts, he provides an accessible overview of the causes and potential effects of these looming megadisasters.


by Jo Robertson | Rothstein Associates, © 2020

Business leaders would be better served by understanding key crisis concepts and applying them to their own situation rather than relying on crisis advisors to swoop in to take care of a problem once it has become a crisis. Crisis management does not begin on the day the fire erupts, the hurricane barrels through, or the accident happens. Dr. Jo Robertson, a leading expert in heading off and containing crisis, lays out the key concepts that business leaders need to apply to their own organizations.


by Daniel Schutzer | Business Expert Press, © 2023

Recently we have seen several catastrophic events causing huge disruptions, losses, and panic. There is a growing likelihood that these natural disasters and physical and cyber warfare attacks will increase in frequency and lethality, increasingly impacting civilian infrastructure, due to global warming, increased civil unrest and global tensions as international competition increases. This book details how measures can be adapted to keep our systems operational and to rapidly reconstitute lost infrastructure.


by Atif Rafiq | McGraw-Hill, © 2023

In Decision Sprint, innovation and growth expert Atif Rafiq argues that while talent is critically important to any company’s success, the systems through which collaboration and decision-making happen are what separate industry leaders from the rest—and that systems designed to embrace unknowns are quickest and most enduring way to foster growth, continuous innovation, and realization of strategy. This groundbreaking guide walks readers through the process of embracing unknowns.


by Amanda Coleman | Kogan Page, © 2023

Crisis Communication Strategies is a must-have guide that covers the whole span of a crisis from preparing and laying the groundwork before it occurs, during the incident and the aftermath, including the move to recovery and beyond. It guides readers through each phase, providing details of what to consider, what should be done, tips and checklists for improved responses. This second edition contains new content looking at the phases of crises, behavioral communication as a tactic and how to ensure diversity and inclusivity in tumultuous times.

Emotional Intelligence Month


by S. Michele Nevarez | Gildan Media, © 2022

In Beyond Emotional Intelligence, renowned educator and leadership expert S. Michele Nevarez delivers a powerful guide to building ingrained mental habits to help us achieve desired outcomes, improve our relationships, and live in alignment with our values. You'll discover how to use the author's 12 Self-Discoveries to get to know yourself and stop getting in your own way. You'll retrain your mind to develop new patterns of thought and behavior that will serve you better as you achieve your life goals.


by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves | Brilliance Publishing, © 2010

By now, emotional intelligence (EQ) needs little introduction — it’s no secret that EQ is critical to your success. But knowing what emotional intelligence is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing your emotional intelligence using the four core EQ skills — self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management — to exceed your goals and achieve your fullest potential.


by Richard M. Contino and Penelope J. Holt | Business Expert Press, © 2021

Even though it is seldom acknowledged, the truth is that business runs on emotion—yours and almost everyone else’s. And that emotion is often negative, leading us into bewilderment, dysfunction, and failure.

This book explains how to face up to this reality and respond by building street smarts and business emotional intelligence (BEQ). It supports your business success by developing your ability to recognize and effectively manage the destructive emotional tendencies, hidden agendas, and behaviors that exist all around you, and sometimes within you, that block business progress.


by Steven J. Stein | John Wiley & Sons (US), © 2017

The EQ Leader provides an evidence-based model for exceptional leadership, and a four-pillar roadmap for real-world practice. Data collected from thousands of the world's best leaders—and their subordinates—reveals the keys to success: authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation. This book shows you how to put these key factors to work in your own practice, with clear examples and concrete steps for improving skills and competencies.


by Harvard Business Review | Gildan Media, © 2022

What does it mean to be yourself at work? As a leader, how do you strike the right balance between vulnerability and authority? This book explains the role of authenticity in emotionally intelligent leadership. You'll learn how to discover your authentic self, when emotional responses are appropriate, how conforming to specific standards can hurt you, and when you need to feel like a fake.


by Frances Kay and Neilson Kite | Kogan Page, © 2012

Emotional intelligence, more than IQ and technical knowhow, gives a valuable competitive edge to organizations and is crucial to the success of individuals. Understanding Emotional Intelligence shows readers how to use emotional intelligence in the workplace. It covers topics such as self-awareness, self-motivation, relationship management, how to assess and develop your emotional intelligence, habits of emotionally intelligent people, how to develop an emotionally aware organization, and how to use EQ as a management strategy.


by Amy Jacobson | Gildan Media, © 2021

As organizations around the world are putting more focus on the mindset and wellbeing of staff, the need to develop Emotional Intelligence (EI) has never been greater. Cutting through the hype and dispelling the myths about EI, this practical, easy-to-use resource provides clear guidance, powerful tools, and actionable steps for developing and implementing EI in the workplace for immediate results. Amy Jacobson, an experienced EI specialist, leadership trainer and coach, shares the tools, methodologies, concepts, and actions that increase EI in any situation.


by Gill Hasson | John Wiley & Sons (UK), © 2017

Did you know that the way you approach your own thoughts and feelings determines your happiness and success in every area of your life? Bestselling personal development author Gill Hasson is back with this guide to dealing with your emotions. Learn how to understand yourself and those around you with practical tips and tricks that will help you be more assertive, forge stronger relationships and manage anxiety. Your ability to manage your feelings, other people and your interactions with them are what makes all the difference.


Engage in Mental Health and Well-Being

by Catherine Wemette | Association for Talent Development © 2022

Starting conversations around mental health can be challenging. More often than not, simply asking a question and showing you genuinely care will be enough to start the conversation, even if not with the perfect words. In this issue of TD at Work, Catherine Wemette guides readers in helping others understand the importance of focusing on mental health in the workplace and how to do that.

The Self-Care Mindset: Rethinking How We Change and Grow, Harness Well-Being, and Reclaim Work-Life Quality

by Jeanette Bronee | John Wiley & Sons © 2022

In The Self-Care Mindset, celebrated well-being and mindset expert Jeanette Bronée delivers an actionable and groundbreaking approach that challenges us to rethink self-care at work so we no longer have to choose between being healthy and being successful. With Jeanette’s inclusive approach to self-care, you will receive the tools to protect and unlock our most important resource: our humanity. You’ll learn how to better manage stress, break free from living in survival mode, and navigate FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) so you can harness change and grow by reclaiming agency and recovering what you care about.

The Ultimate Self-Care Book: Improve Your Wellbeing; Build Resilience and Confidence; Master Mindfulness

by Clara Seeger, Stephen Evans-Howe, and Patrick Forsyth | Hodder & Stoughton Ltd © 2021

From confidence and assertiveness to managing stress and mindfulness, The Ultimate Self Care Book is a dynamic collection of tools, techniques, and strategies for success. Discover the main themes and key ideas, and bring it all together with practical exercises.

The Healthy Mind Toolkit: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Own Way and Enjoy Your Life

by Alice Boyes | Brilliance Publishing © 2018

Whether we’re aware of it or not, most of us are guilty of self-sabotage. These behaviors can manifest in seemingly innocuous ways, but if left unchecked can create stress and cause problems in all areas of your life.

In The Healthy Mind Toolkit, Dr. Alice Boyes provides easy, practical solutions that will help you identify how you’re holding yourself back and how to reverse your self-sabotaging behaviors. Blending scientific research with techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, this engaging book will take you through the steps to address this overarching problem.

Your Health at Work: An Indispensable Guide to Physical and Mental Wellbeing

by Becky Allen and Howard Fidderman | Kogan Page © 2019

Covering the full range of industries, Your Health at Work provides guidance for everyone. Both physical health (e.g. aches and strains, hazardous substances, accidents) and mental health (anxiety, depression, bullying) are comprehensively discussed to provide you with reliable help and advice on the full range of potential health problems at work. The stories of real workers who have encountered health issues at work are included to make sure that this book is fully representative of real life and gives practical, and sometimes inspirational, insights to support you and your health every day at work.

Yoga Classes for the Complete Beginner: 4 Yoga Classes Suitable for the Complete Beginner

by Sue Fuller | Blackstone Audio, Inc. © 2021

This audio set contains four different yoga classes suitable for the complete beginner. Each class gently and safely introduces different postures and techniques to help create an understanding and to develop a foundation in yoga and yoga practices. Yoga for the Complete Beginner introduces the concept of breathing slowly whilst moving the body through a series of preparatory postures. More Yoga for the Complete Beginner includes a different selection of postures, adding variety to your practice. Yoga Flow for the Complete Beginner introduces the concept of vinyasa flow and moves the body gently through different postures whilst synchronizing the breath and movement. Yoga Nidra for the Complete Beginner introduces the ancient practice of yoga nidra.

Your Brain on Exercise

by Gary L. Wenk | Publisher: Oxford University Press (US) © 2021

Decades of research demonstrate that regular modest levels of exercise improve heart and lung function and may relieve joint pain. Dr. Gary Wenk's goal is to provide a realistic perspective on what benefits your brain should expect to achieve from exercise. Your Brain on Exercise skillfully blends scholarship with illuminating insights and clarity. Without requiring any specialized knowledge about the brain, Your Brain on Exercise entertainingly illustrates the intersection between brain health, the consequences of exercise, and our need to eat in an entirely new light.

The Anxiety Getaway: How to Outsmart Your Brain's False Fear Messages and Claim Your Calm Using CBT Techniques

by Dr. Craig April | Blackstone Audio, Inc. © 2020

There are a lot of resources out there for managing anxiety. However, many of them are based on opinion rather than science. Dr. Craig April, founder of the April Center for Anxiety Attack Management, relies on the latter. By employing cognitive behavioral therapy, a research-proven method for anxiety treatment, listeners can find the breakthrough they desire.

Dr. April shares that, in most of its forms, anxiety is not a mental illness. For this reason, he takes a stripped-down approach to tackling anxiety that looks at the root: false fear messages.


Everyone Wants to Work Here: Attract the Best Talent, Energize Your Team, and Be the Leader in Your Market

by Maura Nevel Thomas | Gildan Media © 2023

Building a productive work culture doesn't have to invite burnout and stress—Everyone Wants to Work Here empowers you and your team to build effective habits for accomplishing your goals. Exhaustion not required.

To achieve efficiency, productivity, and significant results, you need to make the best use of the resources available to you. Productivity expert Maura Thomas helps you nurture the crucial resource that is your work culture and build productive habits for yourself and your team, without letting work take over your life.

The Long-Distance Team: Designing Your Team for Everyone’s Success

by Wayne Turmell and Kevin Eikenberry | Berrett-Koehler Publishers © 2023

Team design and culture are often presented as separate concepts when they are in fact intertwined in the remote work setting. Using the 3C model of communication, collaboration, and cohesion, leaders will be given the tools to overcome challenges, such as proximity bias and deteriorating social connections, to create an environment where everyone can contribute and add value equally, regardless of location.

Beyond Team Building: How to Build High Performing Teams and the Culture to Support Them

by Gibb Dyer and Jeff Dyer | John Wiley & Sons © 2020

Beyond Team Building represents the latest in thinking about creating effective teams. The authors present a new “Five C” framework that focuses on the core aspects of team building. The book helps the reader assess how his/her team is performing on each of the 5Cs—context, composition, competencies, change, and collaborative leadership, and discusses options concerning how to improve team performance along each of these dimensions.

Building Top Performing Teams: A Practical Guide to Team Coaching to Improve Collaboration and Drive Organizational Success

by Paul J. Barbour and Lucy Widdowson | Kogan Page © 2021

Containing more than 40 tools which can be used in a virtual or in-person coaching environment, Building Top-Performing Teams is a practical guide for leaders, HR professionals, coaches, team coaches and anyone with management responsibility. It covers how to motivate, develop, engage and reward a team of employees with different levels of experience and priorities to achieve outstanding business success.

Building and Managing High-Performance Distributed Teams: Navigating the Future of Work

by Alberto S. Silveira Jr. | Apress © 2021

The age of the distributed team is upon us. Teams can now operate and collaborate from locations other than a central office, and events surrounding the 2020 COVID pandemic have thrown its practicality into sharp relief. Managing a team whose members are distributed across several locations requires a different mindset and will remain a must-have for all areas of business from this point forward. Building and Managing High-Performance Distributed Teams explains what the distributed teams concept means to the future of your company.

Power Teams Beyond Borders: How to Work Remotely and Build Virtual Teams

by Peter Ivanov | Gildan Media © 2021

Power Teams Beyond Borders shows listeners how to unlock the potential of their remote and online teams. Full of actionable advice and concrete strategies, celebrated consultant and author Peter Ivanov offers virtual leaders practical guidance on how to create and sustain online engagement across multiple time zones and cultures.

The book includes step-by-step advice on areas like: how to build trust and clarity without meeting in person; how to establish structure in communications and avoid confusion; how to make the most of your team members' unique talents in a global setting; and how to use the technique of “over-communication” to ensure your team members remain fully informed.

The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan: Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Deliver Better Results Faster, 5th Edition

by John A. Lawler, Jayme A. Check, and George B. Bradt | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2022

The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan has sold over 100,000 copies because it's so practical. The author team of accomplished private equity/M&A transition leaders explains in great detail, how to succeed in new leadership roles, build high-performance teams, execute winning strategies, and achieve organizational goals. The heavily revised 5th edition explains how to your due diligence before accepting a new role, and how to lead in remote or hybrid environments and how to leverage diversity, equity, and inclusion to meet team goals, drive growth and enhance any organization.

Stick Together: A Simple Lesson to Build a Stronger Team

by John Gordon and Kate Leavell | John Wiley & Sons © 2021

From bestselling author Jon Gordon and coauthor Kate Leavell, Stick Together delivers a crucial message about the power of belief, ownership, connection, love, inclusion, consistency, and hope. The authors guide individuals and teams on an inspiring journey to show them how to persevere through challenges, overcome obstacles, and create success together. Stick Together follows Coach David, a high school basketball coach looking to motivate his team for the new season. The team members are given sticks with words written on them and tasked with a number of

As the players work together to complete their tasks, they discover how to make their team stronger and create an unbreakable bond. Perfect for student athletes and teams in all industries including business, education, healthcare, and nonprofit, and for readers of all ages, Stick Together will resonate with anyone looking to improve their team performance and excel in a group environment.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Queer Career: Sexuality and Work in Modern America

by Margot Canaday | Princeton University Press, © 2023

Workplaces have traditionally been viewed as “straight spaces” in which queer people passed. As a result, historians have directed limited attention to the experiences of queer people on the job. Queer Career rectifies this, offering an expansive historical look at sexual minorities in the modern American workforce. Arguing that queer workers were more visible than hidden and, against the backdrop of state aggression, vulnerable to employer exploitation, Margot Canaday positions employment and fear of job loss as central to gay life in postwar America.

Be an Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ+

by Lisa Koenecke | Lisa Koenecke, LLC, © 2021

Be an Inclusion Ally brilliantly illuminates the path to becoming the most supportive Ally you can be both personally and professionally. This book is the quintessential fast, funny, and ready resource for educating yourself and others about the LGBTQ+ community. With wit and wisdom woven throughout, it's a goldmine for individuals who have questions, but don't know whom to ask. This book celebrates YOU for being willing to learn more and create an inclusionary workplace or school. Be an Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ is a practical guide to understanding and supporting family, friends, colleagues, or anyone in the LBGTQ+ community. Written in an easy to follow, friendly style, this guide will provide concrete steps to those seeking to become an ally or an Ally.

The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Good Business

by John Brown | HarperCollins, the © 2014

In The Glass Closet, Lord John Browne, former CEO of BP, seeks to unsettle business leaders by exposing the culture of homophobia that remains rampant in corporations around the world, and which prevents employees from showing their authentic selves. Drawing on his own experiences, and those of prominent members of the LGBT community around the world, as well as insights from well-known business leaders and celebrities, Lord Browne illustrates why, despite the risks involved, self-disclosure is best for employees—and for the businesses that support them. Above all, The Glass Closet offers inspiration and support for those who too often worry that coming out will hinder their chances of professional success.

The Queer Advantage: Conversations with LGBTQ+ Leaders on the Power of Identity

by Andrew Gelwicks | Hachette Go, © 2020

Meet the LGBTQ+ dealmakers, trailblazers, and glass-ceiling breakers in business, politics, and beyond. The people who are creating national public policy, running billion-dollar tech enterprises, and winning Olympic medals. Andrew Gelwicks interviews the leaders who have forged their own paths and changed the world, showing how you can too. From Troye Sivan to Margaret Cho, George Takei to Billie Jean King, Shangela to Adam Rippon, each person credits their queer identity with giving them an edge in their paths to success. Their stories brim with the hard-won lessons gained over their careers. Collecting incisive, deeply personal conversations with inspirational LGBTQ+ trailblazers about how they leveraged the challenges and insights they had as relative outsiders to succeed in the worlds of business, tech, politics, Hollywood, sports and beyond, The Queer Advantage celebrates the unique, supercharged power of queerness.

The Savvy Ally: A Guide to Becoming a Skilled LGBTQ+ Advocate

by Jeannie Gainsburg | Rowman & Littlefield, © 2020

In The Savvy Ally, Jeannie Gainsburg offers much-needed insight and pragmatic advice—especially for those who do not identify as being on the LGBTQ+ spectrum—on how to offer their support and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community in a respectful and helpful manner. She delves into the language and identities relevant to the community, tools for navigating conversations, offers tips for taking action to create inclusive spaces, and discusses how to foster sustainable allyship.

LGBTQ+ Etiquette and Common Bloopers (Video)

by Jeannie Gainsburg

LGBTQ+ terms and identities are constantly changing. It is difficult to keep up. Many people feel intimidated by all the changes and are silenced by the fear that they will accidentally say something that will offend someone. This video helps relieve this anxiety by offering easy respectful language tips and suggestions for how to mess up properly.

How to be a Good LGBTQ+ Ally (Video)

by MyWorkplaceHealth

LGBTQ+ individuals experience discrimination and harassment; this directly and negatively impacts their mental health, and LGBTQ+ adults are more than twice as likely to experience mental health conditions and are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviour. So, here we are going to talk about how to be a good LGBTQ+ ally regardless of whether or not you have individuals in your workplace who are out as queer.


Communication Intelligence: Leverage Your Strengths and Optimize Every Interaction to Work Best with Others

by Claude D’Val Morgan | McGraw Hill, © 2023

Now, more than ever, Communication Intelligence is essential for workers at all levels. The good news is that you can learn to develop and master this vital competency. If you’re interested in being your best through effective communication, that’s exactly what you will find in the pages of Communication Intelligence. With more than four decades of study, research, and coaching in the field, C.D. “Hoop” Morgan III has built on the original premise of The Forté Institute: That assessing an individual’s communication style should start with a focus on their strengths―not their weaknesses. Communication Intelligence guides you to identify your unique strengths based on the Forté Communication Style Profile.

What to Say When Things Get Tough: Business Communication Strategies for Winning People Over When They’re Angry, Worried and Suspicious of Everything You Say

by Leonard S. Greenberger | McGraw Hill-Ascent Audio, © 2022

What to Say When Things Get Tough is a comprehensive guide that combines theory and practical examples to help readers develop effective communication strategies. It provides real-world scenarios and dialogues that illustrate the application of the techniques discussed. By following the strategies outlined in the book, readers can enhance their communication skills and build stronger relationships even in challenging situations. This book serves as a valuable resource for professionals in various fields who encounter difficult conversations in their work. It equips readers with the tools and knowledge to handle tough situations with empathy, understanding, and confidence, ultimately leading to better outcomes and strengthened professional relationships.

Better Conversations Every Day: 4 Core Skills That Will Change the Way You Lead and Live Your Life

by Maggie Sass and Andre Keil | Center for Creative Leadership, © 2022

Authored by an expert in interpersonal communication, the book offers practical techniques and insights to improve interactions with others, whether in personal relationships, professional settings, or casual encounters. Better Conversations Every Day provides readers with a comprehensive roadmap to improving their communication skills and developing more rewarding relationships through conversation. By implementing the techniques and concepts outlined in the book, readers can enhance their ability to connect with others, foster understanding, and engage in more fulfilling conversations in their day-to-day lives.

Communication Essentials: The Tools You Need to Master Every Type of Professional Interaction

by Trey Guinn | Published by McGraw-Hill

No matter how great your knowledge, expertise or experience, poor communication skills undermine your ability to get your message across, achieve your objectives, and build crucial relationships. To advance your career—and succeed in other aspects of life, as well—building theses skills is essential. In Communication Essentials, expert Trey Guinn takes you step-by-step through the process of improvement, from understanding the importance of message clarity to specific, goal-based strategies to develop and maximize your skills.

Amplify Your Influence: Transform How You Communicate and Lead

by Rene Rodriguez | Gildan Media © 2022

In Amplify Your Influence: Transform How You Communicate and Lead, celebrated keynote speaker, trainer, and leadership coach Rene Rodriguez delivers an eye-opening roadmap to using applied neuroscience to improve listeners' communication ability, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and leadership skills. Based in the author's proprietary AMPLIFII system and methodologies he has taught to over 100,000 participants around the world, the book offers practical tips, useful frameworks, guided practice, and simple application exercises to help listeners create new and lasting behaviors that effect change in their life and work.

Improve Your Communication Skills: How to Build Trust, Be Heard and Communicate with Confidence, 6th Edition

by Alan Barker | Kogan Page © 2022

This fully updated 6th edition now features a handy self-assessment tool to help you profile your own preferred communication style, even more practical exercises, useful checklists and top tips, as well as content on influencing others and managing difficult conversations. This book provides vital guidance on improving your conversations, building rapport, giving effective presentations, writing excellent reports and networking successfully. With the help of Improve Your Communication Skills, you will be able to get your message across—every time.

Communicate with Mastery: Speak With Conviction and Write for Impact

by Kara Levy, JD Schramm | John Wiley & Sons © 2020

Communicating with Mastery provides readers with a rich treasure trove of frameworks and tools for leadership communication as developed and taught over the past decade at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Designed for the business leader on the go, it provides you quick access to helpful approaches to vexing communication problems leaders face today in speaking and writing to various audiences. Projects often fail not because of the vision, but in the articulation of that vision. With the help of this book, you’ll learn how to ensure you get the results you desire as a leader and communicator.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, 3rd Edition

by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler, Emily Gregory | Publisher: McGraw-Hill © 2021

The book that revolutionized business communications has been updated for today’s communication challenges. Crucial Conversations provides powerful skills to ensure every conversation―especially difficult ones―leads to the results you want. Written in an engaging and witty style, it teaches readers how to be persuasive rather than abrasive, how to get back to productive dialogue when others blow up or clam up, and it offers powerful skills for mastering high-stakes conversations, regardless of the topic or person.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The Executive Warrior: 40 Powerful Questions to Develop Mental Toughness for Career Success

by Victor Ng | Marshall Cavendish, © 2018

Why are 87% of people not engaged at work, according to a Gallup global report? Among the biggest reasons are lack of purpose, loss of focus and inability to handle setbacks. To survive and thrive in today’s volatile workplace, you’ll need to be mentally tougher than ever. Many self-development books seem to have all the answers. This is one book that asks all the right questions and guides you to find your own answers – like how a personal coach would.

Mindfulness Based Leadership: The Art of Being A Leader – Not Becoming One

by Kathirasan K | Marshall Cavendish, © 2018

While mindfulness has often been perceived as a solitary activity, this book reveals how it is applicable on a wider scale—in groups, businesses and the wider community. Mindfulness-Based Leadership shows us how to balance self and organizational goals, to erase the real and imagined internal conflicts between what we believe in and what we do in reality.

Marbles, Mayhem and My Typewriter: The Unfadable Life of an Ordinary Man

by Mano Sabnani | Marshall Cavendish, © 2018

In a world where so many people believe that they cannot go far because they were not born gifted or with a silver spoon, Mano Sabnani’s story provides profound inspiration—showing how an ordinary man can achieve extraordinary things by following a very simple and ethical set of principles.

The Power to Become: How I Changed My Own Destiny

by Deepak Shrestha | Marshall Cavendish, © 2018

The Power to Become is an inspirational journey of personal transformation about a barefoot boy from Nepal who became a successful and committed businessman and philanthropist. This book is proof that anything is possible if you dare to go full throttle into life's great adventure.

How Asian Women Lead: Lessons for Global Corporations

by Jane Horan | Palgrave Macmillan, © 2014

How Asian Women Lead provides a vastly different picture than Western-focused leadership literature, highlighting obstacles Asian women face reaching the top, and looking beneath the corporate surface to show cultural and family perspectives. Through her research and the stories of four uniquely different women leaders from varying Asian economies and industries, Horan offers a new perspective to help business leaders and human capital professionals understand leadership diversity, build inclusive and engaged organizations, and sustain success.

Leading Through Change Month

Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management

by Paul Lawrence | Brilliance Audio, © 2019

It is often claimed that 70% of organizational change efforts fail, despite the popularity of linear change models, such as Kotter's 8-step model. The reason few change efforts succeed as intended is because they are based on two implicit assumptions: that the leader or leadership team will come up with a vision and then succeed in persuading the rest of the organization to follow, and that people will happily embrace change without being afforded the opportunity to make their own meaning of that change. Leading Change offers an alternative. It provides a framework for change that opens opportunities for people within the organization to play a significant role in the process.

Change Fatigue Revisited: A New Framework for Leading Change

by Tahsin I. Alam, Richard Dool | Business Expert Press, © 2022

Leaders today must be able to embed resiliency into their organizations and to re-position change as a natural process. Being an effective change agent has become a critical leadership competency for 21st Century leaders. With these factors in mind, the authors propose a new approach to change in this book (the C6 Change Leadership Framework), as a means to mitigate “Change Fatigue” and to enhance a leader’s ability to positively affect change in their organizations. This book will enable leaders to manage change in a more proactive, tailored and engaged manner to increase the likelihood of achieving the expected outcomes of the change initiatives.

MIT Sloan Management Review Article on Leading Change Means Changing How You Lead

by MIT Sloan Management Review | MIT Sloan Management Review, © 2022

When a business is performing well on fit to purpose and relative advantage, the leader needs to recognize the twin dangers of complacency (believing that there’s no need for change) and hubris (overconfidence in the quality of one’s leadership). Contextually effective leaders combat complacency by continually striving for change, and they combat hubris by recognizing that their own opinion is less significant than the opinions of key stakeholders. Finally, the task of messaging is to maintain a focus on the ultimate priorities of the business rather than on concerns that are fleeting or disconnected from the company’s core strategy.

The Change Mindset: The Psychology of Leading and Thriving in an Uncertain World

by Andy Craggs | Kogan Page, © 2023

In The Change Mindset, leadership development expert Andy Craggs unpicks the main reasons why teams fail when it comes to dealing with change and navigating uncertainty. He defines the common traps that lead to failure; from not allowing yourself to reimagine the possible, mimicking the behaviour that your competition has shown when dealing with change, to doubting yourself and your team. Leading through change requires business leaders to be courageous and to show empathy, both for themselves and their people.

No Point B: Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy

by Caleb Gardner | Ascent Audio, © 2022

Our future depends on changing the way we change. But because technology has forever altered our relationship with what's coming next, the tomorrow we envisioned is too often totally different by the time it arrives. How can leaders manage disruption when disruption never stops coming? Drawing upon his vast experience in business leadership and social activism, author Caleb Gardner shows how the simple idea of embracing constant change as a core competency for living in a complex world could revolutionize our relationship with modernity and transform our approach to effective leadership.

The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change

by Ian Ziskin and The Consortium for Change (C4C) | Recorded Books, © 2023

Most large-scale transformational change happens because of unanticipated, unaddressed, unplanned disruptions which raise questions about what it takes to lead, survive, and even thrive in periods of transformational change. This first-of-its-kind book offers a variety of lenses and perspectives, in the form of interviews, essays, and survey responses, with insights from business leaders, HR leaders, coaches, consultants, academics, thought leaders, and other transformational change experts. The compilation of practical tools provides listeners with a deep and diverse analysis of top-notch thinking and practices for leading transformational change. This work is fundamental to aspiring leaders who wish to learn the secret sauce for leading transformational change.

How to Future: Leading and Sense-Making in an Age of Hyperchange

by Scott Smith and Madeline Ashby | Kogan Page, © 2020

How to Future is a guidebook to futuring and arms you with tools, strategies and practices that illuminate new strategic pathways. Renowned futurists Scott Smith and Madeline Ashby teach you how to manage the daily flood of information and signals, and discern emergent patterns that have a direct impact on the direction of your business. How to Future isn't about the "one future" you expect. Instead, this book equips you with valuable tools and concepts, builds a future-focused mindset and enables you to envision, stress-test and prototype adaptable, informed and agile strategic visioning. These tools will empower you, your team and your organization to anticipate whatever futures emerge.

National Stress Awareness Day

Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less-Stressed You

by Paula Rizzo | Mango Publishing Group, © 2019

Make lists work for you with Listful Living. Anyone can make a list. But can that list make you a calmer, more mindful, super productive and less stressed version of yourself? It’s easy to become overwhelmed by to-do’s, bucket lists and goals. The secret to success is not just about what you put on your list but what you intentionally leave off. Less is more. Leading with intention and how you’d like your life to feel is key.

Stress Into Strength: Resilience Routines for Wimps, Warriors, and Everyone in Between

by Nick Arnett | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2021

Discovering and practicing your ideal rhythm of stress and renewal—physical, social, and spiritual—will enhance your health, strength, and resilience. Stress reactions are automatic, but to transform stress into strength, you need to become intentional about routines that activate your natural renewal systems. The proven tips throughout Stress Into Strength will help you do exactly that.

Emotional Brilliance: Living a Stress Less Fear Less Life

by Relly Nadler and Cathy L. Greenberg | Blackstone Publishing, © 2021

Emotional Brilliance is your most powerful tool to create and maintain your healthy internal balance. It is the foundation for ALL your external success in both your professional and personal life. Emotional Brilliance is your personal field guide to help you quickly establish habits to realize your best self during local or worldwide crisis and for your entire life.

Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress

by Heidi Hanna | Wiley, © 2014

Stress in and of itself is not bad and is actually utilized for growth when balanced with adequate recovery. The solution to stress addiction is to build in and prioritize optimal rest and relaxation on a holistic level—body, mind, and spirit—in order to consistently recharge and create a more resilient operating system. Stressaholic shows you how to win the war on stress without limiting progress by creating an optimal performance pulse of stress and recovery for life.

Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery

by Terri Brogue and Robert Brogue | Society for Human Resource Management, © 2019

Trapped. Stuck. Helpless. These are the words that people experiencing burnout use to describe their lives, but they don’t have to. Nearly everyone has experienced burnout. Some have escaped burnout’s grips, but at what cost, and after how long? When we find ourselves succumbing to the pressures of today that move us towards burnout, we need a clear path to get out and avoid it in the future. The words used after extinguishing burnout are hopeful, thriving, flourishing, and powerful.


Using affirmations is a proven method of reprogramming your brain and training it to consciously control what you think about. Gratitude Affirmations are a great way to express gratitude and amplify blessings for health, peace, and happiness.


Using affirmations is a proven method of reprogramming your brain and training it to consciously control what you think about. Detox Affirmations help detox body and soul to reduce stress and increase the level of feel-good hormones leading to success and happiness.

World Creativity & Innovation Day

The Bold Ones: Innovate and Disrupt to Become Truly Indispensable

by Shawn Kanungo | McGraw Hill Ascent Audio, © 2022

Disruption for disruption's sake isn't a smart strategy when you're seeking ways to accelerate your career and become truly indispensable. In The Bold Ones, you'll discover it's more about being bold than disruptive: being simultaneously confident enough to challenge industries, yet practical enough to recreate them. In this playbook from internationally celebrated disruption strategist Shawn Kanungo, you'll learn where to start, what to do, and how to break through with your ideas. Distilling lessons learned from some of the world's most extraordinary disruptors, The Bold Ones presents eight unconventional pillars to success.

The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential

by Robin Landa | Berrett-Koehler, © 2022

A great idea presents a well-formulated thought or plan of action that spurs growth, change, advancement, adaptation, or new insight. Worthwhile ideas move the needle; they change the playing field altogether. The New Art of Ideas is designed to help readers consistently produce worthwhile ideas by becoming nimble and imaginative thinkers better equipped to compete and produce in a global economy.

Find Your Red Thread: Make Your Big Ideas Irresistible

by Tamsen Webster | Tantor, © 2022

You have a terrific idea. It's so powerful that it could change a life, a market, or even the world. There's just one problem: others don't see its power—yet. If you truly value the possibility of your idea, then you're ready to find your Red Thread—the through line that connects your idea to your audience's hearts and minds. The best part is, the Red Thread already exists. It's the connection that makes the invisible link between your audience's problem and your solution tangible—and actionable. With the Red Thread, you'll inspire audiences to act and get the outcome you're both looking for.

How Creativity Rules the World: The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas Into Gold

by Maria Brito | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2022

How Creativity Rules the World shows that, despite contrary beliefs, creativity can be taught and learned by anyone. Creativity is an inexhaustible resource that is the key to thriving in the business world and beyond. This timeless guide promises to make the creative process of successful seven-figure artists and billion-dollar entrepreneurs—as well as the author’s own—accessible and actionable for you to take the power of their ideas to the next level.

The Human Element: Overcoming the Resistance that Awaits New Ideas

by Peter Lerman, David Schonthal, and Loran Nordgren | Ascent Audio, © 2021

The Human Element is for anyone who wants to introduce a new idea or innovation into the world. Most marketers, innovators, executives, and activists operate on a deep assumption. It is the belief that the best way to convince people to embrace a new idea is to heighten the appeal of the idea itself. We instinctively believe that if we add enough value, people will eventually say "yes." This reflex leads us down a path of adding features and benefits to our ideas or increasing the sizzle of our messaging-all in the hope of getting others on board. We call this instinct the "Fuel-based mindset." The Fuel-based mindset explains so much of what we do, from adding countless trivial features to software, to bolting a sixth blade onto a shaving razor.

Innovation is Everybody’s Business: How to Ignite, Scale & Sustain Innovation for Competitive Edge

by Tamara Ghandour | Nicholas Brealey, © 2021

Innovation isn’t something you do after you get your work done. It’s how you do your work. Organizations all over the world are shedding jobs in record numbers. Yet today they are desperately in need of people with the abilities and skills to think ahead of the curve, delight customers, motivate colleagues, slash costs, and achieve unconventional results.

In this practical road map to becoming irreplaceable, global innovation guru and best-selling author Robert B. Tucker reveals why honing your I-Skills (Innovation Skills) may be the smartest career move you’ll make.

National Employee Appreciation Day

Employees First! Inspire, Engage, and Focus on the Heart of Your Organization

by Donna Cutting | Red Wheel/Weiser, © 2022

The world is changing and it’s time to reimagine and reshape your employee experience. Take care of the people who take care of your customers. Employees First! presents recognition strategies and appreciation techniques, but it goes deeper than that. You will learn how giving your team members a voice in your company, supporting them with knowledge and training, giving them purpose and equitable pay, translates into higher productivity and happier customers. Discover what real empowerment is, and why building a diverse culture of inclusion is beneficial to all involved.

The Power of Thanks: How Social Recognition Empowers Employees and Creates a Best Place to Work

by Eric Mosley, Derek Irvine | Recorded Books, © 2014

Building a fully engaged, energized workforce is the key to business success. The Power of Thanks reveals how leading companies like Intuit, JetBlue Airways, IHG, Symantec, ConAgra Foods, and The Hershey Company empower employees through social recognition, in which the practice of mutual appreciation and trust directs and rewards higher performance. Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine, executives at the world-renowned employee recognition firm Globoforce, explain why social recognition is so powerful and how you can apply it in your company.

Employee Experience: Develop a Happy, Productive and Supported Workforce for Exceptional Individual and Business Performance, 2nd Edition

by Ben Whitter | Kogan Page, © 2022

In a world of increasing stress and constant change, supporting and developing employees has never been more difficult. Employee Experience is an essential resource for improving experiences at work. To develop top-performing employees, HR professionals need to move beyond ad hoc engagement initiatives and instead to design and embed employee experience throughout an organization's processes and culture - from the moment an employee sees a job advert to the moment they leave the company.

Reward Management: A Practical Introduction, 3rd Edition

by Michael Rose | Kogan Page, © 2022

How can you fairly reward and recognize employees and align this with team and organizational performance? Reward Management is a practical guide for understanding how to develop successful reward strategies. It covers key areas including pay and grade structures, job evaluation, non-cash reward, pay reviews, bonus plans and tax issues. Featuring guidance, practical tools, and case studies throughout, this book provides the knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and assess an effective reward strategy in any type of organization.

Recognizing and Engaging Employees for Dummies

by Bob Nelson | Recorded Books, © 2019

Recognizing and Engaging Employees for Dummies gives you the tools and information you need to improve morale, productivity, and personal achievement with a successful employee recognition program. Written by a world-leading authority in employee recognition, this book walks you step-by-step through the design and implementation process and describes the incentives that work, the behaviors to reward, and the mechanisms that must be in place for the program to be effective in the long term. You'll learn how to pinpoint the places where engagement and recognition could improve the bottom line, and how to structure the reward for optimal balance between motivational, financial, and organizational effectiveness. With clear explanations and a fun, friendly style, this book is your quick and easy guide to boosting productivity, profit, and customer satisfaction.

15 Employee Recognition And Appreciation Ideas (Part 1) | Ways to Recognize Employees

by The Virtual Hub Ltd

Employee recognition and appreciation can go a long way in boosting morale and showing your team that you value their hard work. Here are 15 ideas to show your employees some love!

Monthly Selections

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The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship: 13 Roles to Making a True Impact

by Scott Jeffrey Miller | HarperCollins Leadership, © 2023

Being a great mentor leads to thriving, engaged employees on both sides of the mentor-mentee relationship and helps drive renewed purpose. The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship walks mentors through the mentorship journey, from setting initial expectations and goals, to tracking progress, to identifying when it is time to find new opportunities. Filled with practical sample plans and forms to make the experience much more impactful for all parties, this timely guide takes the ambiguity out of how to be a great mentor.

April 2024

The Breakthrough Manifesto: 10 Principles to Spark Transformative Innovation

by Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg | John Wiley & Sons (US) © 2023

Innovation is a process by which new ideas, services, and sources of value are brought to life. Transformative innovation requires something else. Not just methodologies, but mindsets. Not just focusing on known challenges, but on unknown opportunities. Not just hoping for breakthrough by default, but realizing breakthrough by design. In The Breakthrough Manifesto, a renowned business innovation leader teams up with a social-personality psychologist to offer that something else—a collection of 10 visionary principles to obliterate barriers to change and ignite a whole new level of creative problem-solving. Drawing upon decades of experience working with the world’s best-known organizations and their teams, the authors provide practical advice that goes beyond “business as usual” for successfully tackling intractable challenges.

March 2024

Lead Through Anything: Harness Purpose, Vitality, and Agility to Thrive in the Face of Unrelenting Change

by Dustin Seale and Ed Manfre | McGraw Hill, © 2023

In today’s world of near-constant disruption, every leader faces a slew of conflicting demands involving employees of different generations, cultures, and age groups; one of history’s tightest labor markets; and never-ending geopolitical, climate, financial, and health challenges. Lead Through Anything focuses on a wide variety of skills, such as aligning people and energy to a common cause, building effective teams and helping them work together more selflessly, establishing positive confidence more often in oneself and others, increasing engagement and retaining top talent, and shaping a positive, impact-driven organizational culture.

February 2024

The New Nimble: Leading in the Age of Change

by Jay Sullivan | Wiley, © 2023

In The New Nimble: Leading in the Age of Change, accomplished author, professor, and consultant Jay Sullivan delivers a clear, tangible, and actionable guide to implementing flexibility and creativity in your enterprise. Through interviews with senior leaders from a variety of industries and disciplines, the author shows you the trends and behaviors that allowed successful companies to navigate the changing realities and complexities that have defined recent years, including the COVID-19 crisis, the increasing awareness of racial injustice in society, and the January 6th insurrection.

The New Nimble demonstrates how organizations can internalize and institutionalize lessons from recent paradigm shifts in thinking and learn how to apply those lessons to their everyday operations and to prepare for the next major challenge.

January 2024

Humble Leadership: The Power of Relationships, Openness, and Trust, 2nd Edition

by Peter A. Schein and Edgar Schein | Berrett-Koehler, 2023

Legendary organizational scholar Edgar Schein and former Silicon Valley executive Peter Schein say leadership today requires that people transcend their hierarchical roles and relate to each other as human beings-what they call humble leadership. In such relationships new ideas can flow freely, mistakes can come to light immediately, and course corrections can be made in real time rather than by committee or by order of the lone heroic CEO. Illustrated with examples from healthcare, government, the military, tech, and more, this is a compact, accessible guide to a leadership paradigm far better suited to a world that demands fast, nimble response to change, and a workplace hungry for mutual respect and trust.


Being Present: Commanding Attention at Work (and at Home) by Managing Your Social Presence

by Jeanine W. Turner | Tantor Audio, © 2022

As our ability to pay attention in a world of distractions vanishes, it's no wonder that our ability to be heard and understood ― to convey our messages ― is also threatened. Drawing from fifteen years of research, interviews, and experience from teaching students and executives, Jeanine W. Turner offers a framework to navigate social presence at work and at home. By exploring four primary communication choices ― budgeted, entitled, competitive, and invitational ― Turner shows when and where to employ each strategy to most effectively allocate our attention and command the attention of others.


Leading with Questions: How Leaders Discover Powerful Answers by Knowing How and What to Ask, Third Edition

by Michael J. Marquardt and Bob Tiede | Wiley, © 2023

In this newly revised third edition of Leading with Questions, renowned global leadership consultants Michael Marquardt and Bob Tiede describe how to ask powerful questions that generate short-term and long-term results and success. They show you how effective leaders use questions to encourage participation and teamwork, foster creative thinking, empower others, create relationships with customers, and solve problems. The authors offer step-by-step guidance on the process of learning the art of questioning and techniques―like active listening and follow-ups – you can use in myriad situations with individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

october 2023

Communication Intelligence: Leverage Your Strengths and Optimize Every Interaction to Work Best with Others

by Claude D’Val Morgan | McGraw Hill, © 2023

Now, more than ever, “communication intelligence” is essential for workers at all levels. The good news is that you can learn to develop and master this vital competency. If you’re interested in being your best through effective communication, that’s exactly what you will find in the pages of Communication Intelligence. With more than four decades of study, research, and coaching in the field, C.D. “Hoop” Morgan III has built on the original premise of The Forté Institute: That assessing an individual’s communication style should start with a focus on their strengths―not their weaknesses.


The Empathy Advantage: Leading the Empowered Workforce

by Heather E. McGowan and Chris Shipley | Wiley, © 2023

In The Empathy Advantage: Leading the Empowered Workforce, Heather E. McGowan and Chris Shipley team up again to deliver a guidebook for leaders navigating the uncertainty of a post pandemic world in a sequel to their successful book The Adaptation Advantage. Leaders today must acknowledge and respond to the fundamental shifts that lay the foundation for effective leadership: From managing people to enabling success, from viewing peers as competitors to seeing them as collaborators, from applying extrinsic pressure on workers to unlocking intrinsic motivation, and from driving productivity with unquestioned authority to inspiring value creation by leading with empathy.

August 2023

Radically Human: How Technology is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future

by Paul Daugherty, H. James Wilson, and Jonathan Yen | Gildan Media, © 2022

Technology advances are making tech more...human, changing everything you thought you knew about innovation and strategy. In their groundbreaking book Human + Machine, Accenture technology leaders Paul Daugherty and H. James Wilson showed how leading organizations use the power of human-machine collaboration to transform their businesses and their bottom lines. Now those companies and other pioneers across industries are reshaping the very nature of innovation. In Radically Human, Daugherty and Wilson show this profound shift—how artificial intelligence is becoming less artificial and more intelligent. How, instead of data-hungry approaches to AI, innovators are pursuing data-efficient approaches that enable machines to learn as humans do. And how, instead of replacing workers with machines, they are unleashing human expertise to create human-centered AI.

July 2023

Office Shock: Creating Better Futures for Working and Living

by Christine Bullen, Joseph Press, and Bob Johansen | Berrett-Koehler, © 2023

Most people have experienced “office shock” during the past two years, with the pandemic disrupting where and how they work. It's clear that we can't go back to the office the way it was. This book reimagines the office and shows how we can plan for more sustainable ways of working. Instead of just focusing on the present moment, Office Shock includes a FutureBack perspective, which refers to thinking back from the future and allows us to anticipate directions of change. We're in a decisive decade, and this book offers a way forward that is based on adaptability and agility.

June 2023

Evergreen Talent: A Guide to Hiring and Cultivating a Sustainable Workplace

by Roberta Chinsky Matuson | Career Press, © 2020

Evergreen Talent will show you how to attract, find, and keep employees for the long-term. What many organization leaders fail to understand is that you can’t simply transplant a competitor’s talent strategy and achieve the same results―just as you can’t take plants suited to a warm climate and expect them to thrive in chillier locales. The conditions are too different. But a company that takes the time to examine its own environment, select talent accordingly, and nurture its people will stand tall, regardless of economic conditions. In Evergreen Talent Roberta Matuson, aka the Talent Maximizer, challenges leaders to think differently about their approach to growing a sustainable workforce―one that will regenerate regularly, with minimal effort on their part.

May 2023

Superpower: An Inspiring Story to Overcome Self-Doubt and Unleash Your Authentic Greatness

by Kate Leavell | Wiley, © 2022

In Superpower, bestselling author Kate Leavell delivers a compelling story of self-love, appreciation, and the power of sharing and connecting with those around us through vulnerability and understanding. In the book, a soccer coach tells his players about the adventures of "the new kid" at school who's afraid of being teased and bullied. Through the help of a special teacher, he and his classmates learn to overcome challenges and harness the power of seeking to understand new perspectives and viewpoints. The class experiences the power of connection inside the activities during puzzle week, and along with their new student, finds the confidence to embrace their unique traits and appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness in each other. An eye-opening and thought-provoking journey through difference, self-acceptance, and understanding, Superpower shows us how to impact the world for good using our very own, built-in superpowers.