Skillsoft Responsible AI Statement

Our Commitment to Responsible AI

At Skillsoft, we are dedicated to transforming education through technology. Our mission is to provide immersive, impactful, and inclusive learning experiences that empower individuals and organizations to reach their potential. We are committed to the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in our products and services, in line with our mission and common principles of responsible AI.

Our Principles of Responsible AI

Transparency: We strive to be transparent about how and where AI is used in our services. We will communicate the role of AI in our products clearly and explain the extent of its involvement in our users’ learning experience. We will communicate clearly to our end users how their data will and will not be used. We will properly vet AI systems designed by 3rd party vendors before deployment. 

Accountability: Skillsoft holds itself accountable for the AI systems we deploy. We take responsibility for their performance, making sure they operate as intended and taking corrective action when necessary. We will provide channels for our customers and end users to report any unintended experiences or bugs, and we will act upon those reports in a timely manner. 

Fairness and Non-Discrimination: Our AI systems are designed to be inclusive and to protect against discriminatory outcomes. We regularly audit and update our algorithms to ensure fair access to learning opportunities for all users. We are committed to bringing together diverse teams to ensure that our products account for the range of educational and life experiences of our end users. 

Privacy and Security: We prioritize user privacy and data security. Our AI systems are developed with robust safeguards to protect confidentiality and we adhere to the highest standards of data protection, including through adoption of and adherence to international technical standards and frameworks.

Ethical Use: We are committed to the ethical development and use of AI, aligning our practices with our core values as an education organization and the expectations of our stakeholders. We use AI to enhance learning experiences. Our AI systems are not designed to replace or obstruct human-centered learning experiences, nor are our AI systems designed to surveil or punish end users. 

Continuous Improvement: The field of AI is constantly evolving, and so are we. Skillsoft is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement of our AI systems, ensuring they remain state-of-the-art and serve the best interests of our learners. Likewise, our AI governance practices will evolve to meet the current state of the art.

Assessment: We regularly assess our AI systems for technical soundness, fit to purpose, and potential impact on our users and society. 

Training and Shared Responsibility: Responsible AI is the responsibility of everyone. Skillsoft ensures that all its leadership and staff receive appropriate training and fosters a culture of responsible technology development. 

Industry Alignment and Leadership: We seek to align our governance practices to consensus national and international norms, standards, and risk management frameworks where appropriate. We commit to being good citizens of the AI and educational technology industries regarding responsible AI development and governance, through open collaboration with our peers, customers and partners. Skillsoft engages with experts, users, and other stakeholders to gather insights and feedback that guide the responsible development of our AI capabilities.

Implementation and Oversight

To uphold these principles, Skillsoft has established responsible AI governance practices and development processes. Our governance practices include oversight by a dedicated AI Ethics Committee comprising a diverse group of internal stakeholders. The committee is responsible for guiding AI development and ensuring adherence to our Responsible AI Principles. 

Skillsoft will account for and assess every AI system used internally and for customers and end-users. As our implementation and oversight process evolves, we are committed to making a list of our AI systems public, including an accounting of their core features and functionality and an explanation of how user data is used and protected. We are also committed to aligning our development practices with industry consensus standards and risk management frameworks.

This statement will be regularly iterated upon as our implementation and oversight process matures.