Rising Phoenix


From NASDAQ Nightmare to Celebrated Turnaround

We were totally in control one day, and with a single act, everything changed.

Comscore aggregates movie, television, and internet activity, and provides analyses and insights to their clients. In early 2016 they were going strong with 2,200 employees, a highly prized brand, and a team of eight learning professionals.

A few months later, what started as an internal inquiry eventually led NASDAQ to de-list the company from their exchange, gauged employment levels by 50%, and the learning team of eight was now two. To survive what would become a three-and-a-half-year ordeal, the organization had to make sweeping, lasting changes to their compliance programs.

Employees were motivated to change, but they needed to learn how, and fast.

The learning team initially needed to assess the current state of compliance behavior. They couldn’t control a potential investigation, but employees could do something specific – get trained and apply new behaviors.

In addition to behavior change, the learning team needed to introduce a roadmap for employee success. The company needed the remaining talent to stay. Employees had to see how this experience would help their career and grow their skills, and they had to bring out everyone’s grit and resiliency.

In the end, it worked. Comscore returned to the NASDAQ and was widely recognized for its Corporate Governance and rapid response to change.

“Our employees were under long-term stress, and it’s incredibly hard to learn under those circumstances. To survive the inquiry, we had to redesign our compliance system dramatically. To survive as a company, we had to do even more. We had to enable our workforce to thrive under intense pressure.”

Beth Teixeira

Director of Learning