Running the Race


A Learning Transformation

How do you transform a disparate learning organization into one that efficiently aligns with its business strategy in a time of technology evolution? This was the challenge faced 6+ years ago in Ericsson. With over 99,000 people around the globe, Ericsson, the multinational telecom provider, faced inefficient systems & processes and a learning disconnect from the business goals. To solve this challenge, it formed a strong learning foundation and is now taking learning to the next level with three clear learning goals.

To reach the start line, the Ericsson Learning Team worked on building a learning foundation. It formed a clear strategy and reconnected with the business. Learning plans showed the line of sight from business goals to learning activities. New global programs avoided reinventing the wheel and global processes established one way of working. This was underpinned by a newly established offshored Learning Operations function and a rationalization of suppliers. Finally, Ericsson reinvigorated the learning delivery by introducing new video and webinar platforms. L&D was transformed, the function was established, and Ericsson was at the start line.

To get to the next level, Ericsson made three powerful promises to the organization. First, aligning with its brand promise, it committed to making learning easy for its people. With less time and more learning to be done, making learning easier to access was mission-critical. Second, it needed to make learning matter across the organization. Third, it promised to provide learning that drives the business forward.

To make learning easier to consume, Peter Sheppard, the Global Head of Learning Ecosystem, created a solution with its people at the center.

All learning content was aggregated through the Learning Experience Platform, Degreed, so people could access learning when, where and how they needed it. To build upon this, Ericsson is now looking at a more flexible approach to reskilling and upskilling its people, simplifying the end to end experience of operational processes and inspiring people with new ways to learn.

To make it matter, Ericsson is focusing on leaders as learning drivers. It is supporting learning as a skill builder, which enables careers, emphasizing the importance of learners as teachers, and highlighting the impact Ericsson could make in wider society through providing learning to developing countries.

“In the end, you have to take strategy and transformation off the PowerPoints and make it real. It is the projects that deliver tangible outcomes that have moved us forward and have realized the ambitions.”

Peter Sheppard

Global Head of Learning Ecosystem,
Ericsson Academy.

Finally, to take the business forward, Ericsson is providing learning directly aligned to the core business goals. Whether its AI or 5G, content is focused on helping employees upskill effectively across all functions to sell and deliver what’s most important to clients and positively impact the bottom line.

With these initiatives in place, the transformation is leading to increased engagement and utilization of skills and positive business outcomes. With a learning strategy aligned with its business goals, Ericsson is now leading the race to develop new capabilities.