Bolstering Women in Career Development


Despite our modern times, there is still a gap of women in leadership—Lexmark wants to fix that. When it comes to priorities, developing a top-notch pipeline of diverse talent through leadership development comes to the forefront for Lexmark—especially for women.

Lexmark’s “Women at Work Circle Groups” provide women a forum for professional assistance in expanding their business networks, exploring professional topics to strengthen their understanding of business acumen and activities.

It is crucial that women take time for career development with other professionals. Women face a myriad of unique challenges in the workforce and often times, put the needs of the organization and others before their own development and goals.

Our goal is to develop a diverse talent tool, a space where new and seasoned professionals can refine their business skills and come along side others to grow and thrive. Lexmark saw the need for a tailored leadership program made for women, by women. Women at Work Circle groups has fulfilled the need and offers informal networking paired with deep content equipping women with skills for the future of business.

Lexmark has a mindset of continual improvement for the Women at Work program. Each year, the content is refined and adjusted. This year, the 15 leads from around the world refined concepts from last year to drive at more depth and accountability in conversation. And, the team is always looking for others to grow with them. Recently, a group of circle group leaders lead a session hosted with European teens sharing ideas and even personal struggles when it comes to giving and providing constructive criticism—helpful advice even before you begin your career journey.

With 150 global members and 15 leaders, Lexmark’s Women at Work Circle Groups leads the way fostering an environment of professional support, respect, wisdom and encouragement for women to be their best selves.

“Our top HR objective is to develop a pipeline of high-performing and diverse workforce through succession and leadership development—particularly when it comes to women and minorities.”

Krista Mainous

Senior Talent Management Consultant,