Mission-Critical Learning


The Impact on Employee Engagement

ManTech is a $2.2 billion government services contractor dedicated to supporting the most critical customers in the world: agencies charged with safeguarding U.S. national and homeland security, and the efficiency of government itself. The company specializes in full-spectrum cyber, data collection and analytics, enterprise IT, and systems engineering and development for every branch of the Department of Defense, as well as the Intelligence community and federal civilian agencies.

Wherever U.S. jet fighters, guided-missile destroyers, cruise missile submarines, intelligence-gathering satellites patrol, or ground forces complete their missions safely and security, thank ManTech—a leading provider of applications that enhance the technical prowess of military platforms and help lead to mission success at the tactical edge.

“In many ways, the women and men of ManTech stand alongside America’s warfighters via sophisticated technology that ensures mission performance,” says Dr. Karen Wolf, Chief Learning Officer and head of ManTech University. “Nearly half of the company’s 9,000 employees are veterans, a special breed who understands that continuous advancement of their technical capabilities is essential to our nation”.

To that end, ManTech has made significant investments in educational programs with its partners Purdue Global University and Skillsoft. Through Purdue Global, ManTech employees can enroll in college-level curricula that lead to certifications and advanced degrees in cyber, cloud computing, and analytics. At the same time, Skillsoft opens the door to literally thousands of technology and business courses. To facilitate access and learning at the student’s pace, coursework for both avenues is totally online.

“People are only limited by their own curiosity.”

Dr. Karen Wolf

Chief Learning Officer,

People are ManTech’s business and its most valuable business asset. Sustaining and advancing the skillsets of these remarkable individuals via learning programs is key to the company’s strategic objective of being its industry’s “employer of choice.”

Encouraging Employees to Drive Their Own Careers

While ManTech will always support and help guide its employees in the right direction, it strongly emphasizes that employees own their career development. ManTech actively markets its learning program internally by sharing success stories of employees who develop themselves. This continuously reinforces the value of exploring new skills, career paths and learning interests.

When employees are engaged with learning, they are engaged with their company. ManTech engages its employees by allowing them to explore new career avenues and encourages learning frequently.