Transforming In-Person Classrooms to Virtual Experiences

Soon after the new year began, Mettler-Toledo had to ground their global trainers. It was a big hit to their plans.

With approximately 16,500 employees spread across the globe, these trainers were a critical lynchpin between regions helping to foster collaboration across teams – for new hire onboarding, service training, sales efficiency and high potential leaders.

Although disrupted, the need for training was only heightened. Eighty percent of learning was already happening via digital libraries, but the 20% in-person sessions were instrumental. The learning team quickly looked for ways to share in-person courseware via collaboration and video conferencing tools and adapted their systems to track progress.

At times like this, when there is so much uncertainty – the team is grateful for their Learning Management System’s automation capabilities, which have always helped them assign courses by audience segment and track where gaps in performance might be lurking. By freeing up their time from tedious administrative tasks, the learning team could focus on what’s really important – driving business impact.

It’s easy to get lost in the metrics that are easy to see – course registrations, certification counts and learner visits to libraries but this unexpected departure from their plans has reminded the entire team what’s important – their learners. No chart could adequately capture the passion of their team and their willingness to adapt, but it is as valuable as the ROI they have earned with their tool selections.

“There is always a way to impact the business. You just have to look for it.”

Michael Redford

LMS Program Lead,