Securing Your Tomorrow


Feeding Curiosity for More Than 145 Years

To survive 145 years, Unisys has gotten incredibly good at reinventing itself. A decade ago, they might have quenched the thirst for new skills by looking outside the organization. Today, the hunger for new skills has only accelerated, and so too must be the method used to fill gaps. The days of having talent on “the bench” are but a distant memory and a new era of just-in-time learning has emerged. The focus must now be on reskilling existing talent for the jobs of today while preparing them for the work of the future.

Curiosity has always been the fuel that drives them forward, and it is at the core of their learning program. The learning team spends most of their time looking for ways to direct their thirst for knowledge to align around business strategy without putting up artificial constraints. As a result, all 20,000 associates have access to the full library of content.

Making valuable content available to everyone is but one step in the process. That team must spend an equal amount of time helping managers curating content to create personalized learning journeys that hone the skills the business has prioritized.

Getting that right is no easy feat but is central to the role of the learning organization. Working alongside marketing, sales, product development and account management, they identify the hottest areas of impact and focus their efforts on those areas. It’s also critical they be specific about their desired goals. It’s not enough to say we “want more effective leaders.” They diagnose the specific behavior changes they seek and focus education around those outcomes.

The coordinated effort isn’t always easy – but it is always worth it.

“Learning cannot be theoretical; it must be driven by business strategy. Our job is to not only develop curiosity but to direct that curiosity at skills development that will have the most impact on serving our clients.”

Emma Engel

Chief Learning Officer,