Skillsoft Subscription FAQs

What content do I get with an individual or team subscription?

From machine learning to design thinking, blockchain to business skills, we can help you refresh current skills and embrace new ones so you stay in demand. With Skillsoft, you'll have access to an intelligent and seamless learning experience — available anytime, anywhere, on any device — to help you drive your advancement and get ahead. Of course, you can cancel at any time.

For individual subscriptions, users can choose between the following content collections:

  • Business Skills
  • Tech and Dev
  • Bundle of both Business Skills & Tech and Dev

For Team Subscribers, we only offer our Bundle package so that you get the best content offering for your growing team. Here are some details about our collections:

Your subscription includes the following:

Skillsoft Business Skills Collection

From Agile Principles to Overcoming Unconscious Biases, Virtual Collaboration to Managing Pressure and Stress, master the skills needed to be confident, effective, and innovative in today's workforce.

Skillsoft Technology & Developer Collection

Future-proof your skills in Python, Security, Azure, Cloud, and thousands of others with certifications, Bootcamps, books, and hands-on coding labs. Certifications include CompTIA, (ISC)2, ISAC, Cisco, CEH, AWS, GCP, and Microsoft. 74% of learners using our certification prep materials pass the proctored exam on their first attempt, while 99% pass within two attempts.

Also included:

  • The trial offers hundreds of learning paths aligned with today’s most sought-after skills, capabilities, and roles.
  • Personalized, AI-driven recommendations
  • Course assessments
  • Mobile and tablet apps (iOS and Android)
  • Portable digital badges that are yours to keep
  • Weekly learning goals with automated reminders to help you stay on track.
  • Videos, books, audiobooks, book summaries, and interactive, hands-on practice labs

Please Note: The content offered in the free trial or subscription is a subset of our complete library and does not include our collections for Skillsoft Compliance or our Skillsoft Leadership and Development Program and does not include Engineering books. Please contact us or request a demo to explore these content items.

What premium features are available with a team or enterprise subscription? 

Team and Enterprise Features: 

  • Assignments
  • In-depth reports and dashboards
  • Flexibility to manage users and audiences.
  • Ability to customize site branding and learner notifications. 
  • Upload and host your custom content (up to 5 GB for team, unlimited for enterprise)

Enterprise-only Features:

  • Single sign-on support
  • Turnkey integrations with YouTube and Coursera for Business
  • Improve usage numbers and track activity with LMS and LXP Integrations 
  • Manage virtual or in-person live courses (VILT, ILT)

What are the core features I get with an individual subscription?

  • Access Skillsoft content spanning in-demand skills for business and technology — 97% of Skillsoft learners have applied or will apply what they learned on the job.
  • Learn online or on-the-go with the mobile and tablet app. 
  • Evaluate your knowledge with course assessments.
  • Set goals and reminders to stay on track.

What are the core features I get with a Team subscription?

Everything included in the individual subscription, plus the ability to:

  • Create assignments for your team.
  • Manage users and track their progress.
  • Add your own content.
  • Monitor impact with reports and dashboards.

How does an Enterprise subscription differ from a team or individual subscription?

The enterprise subscription includes everything offered through the team and individual options, in addition to: 

  • Expanded user and content management. 
  • Ability to customize learning paths. 
  • Flexibility to create assignments for individuals and groups.
  • Robust analytics with thorough reports and dashboards 
  • Fully integrate with learning technologies, including LMS’s and LXP’s
  • Option to add the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloane Management Review
  • Option to add Skillsoft Compliance 

How do I pay for a team or individual subscription?

We accept all major US credit cards. Payment details are required to start your free trial, but we will not charge your card until the trial period ends. If you cancel before the trial period is up, your card will not be charged. You will automatically be prompted to pay with USD (United States Dollar), EUR (Euro), AUD (Australian Dollar), GBP (British Pound), NZD (New Zealand Dollar), SGD (Singapore Dollar), or INR (Indian Rupees). You can manage your subscription through your user profile on the learning site to change payment types or other subscription details.

Skillsoft is required by law to collect transaction taxes such as sales tax, VAT, GST or other similar taxes on purchases in some jurisdictions. The actual tax amount will be calculated based on the applicable jurisdictional tax rates when your order is processed and may not be indicated on checkout.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time. If you cancel, your subscription will expire at the end of the term, and your card will not be charged again. If you cancel before the end of your free trial, your card will not be charged.

Will I be charged for my free trial?

You will not be charged during your free trial. After your free trial, Skillsoft will begin to charge your card, either monthly or yearly based on your selection. You can cancel anytime.

When does my subscription renew?

At the end of your billing term, unless you cancel.

My Individual or Team subscription has expired — how do I renew it?

You can continue to login to your account. If you have cancelled previously, you will see an option to re-subscribe.

How do I add or remove seats from my Team subscription?

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you add or remove seats.

Can I buy access to a single course?

We don't sell access to individual courses, but you can sign up for a subscription to access your desired course and cancel any time.

How can I get a printable receipt?

Receipts are available through the "Manage Subscription" option in the profile of your learning site. Please contact us if you don't have this link.

How do I transfer my Team subscription to another admin?

How can I get started setting up my Team site?

Step 1: Sign in and set up your account

  • Finish creating your account by signing into your learning site ( and completing setup.
  • No password? No problem – Enter your email address when prompted, and the system will guide you through setting one up.

Step 2: Customize the branding of your site (Optional)

Deliver a personalized experience for your team by adding your logo and color palette.

  • To do this, from the navigation menu of your learning site, click “Settings,” then “Site Branding.”

Step 3: Add and invite your team members

  • Add your team members either by entering the name and email address of each learner or by uploading a list using the template provided on the site.
  • No matter which method you choose, you'll see an option to send a welcome email to each learner.
  • To add users, from the navigation of your learning site, select "Users," then "User Management."

That's all there is to it. Once your team members sign in, they'll discover content based on the skills they selected in the onboarding process. You can also create assignments for your team focused on the skills and capabilities they need to learn and track their progress using the dashboards and reports available to you as the administrator.

Need more help getting started?

Contact us at