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Scale Your Technical Training Capabilities

We deliver learning experiences with instructional variety to match the way your technology workforce learns. Using curated paths to mastery you can build durable cloud, data, programming, security and DevOps competencies.

Identify and track progress against closing skills gaps.

Demonstrate proficiency of new skills with objective assessments.

Hands-on practice accelerates on-the-job application of new skills.

Easily integrate with your HR ecosystem.

Tools To Personalize Trainining
And Accelate Skill Building

Assess Your Skills

Skillsoft's Skill Benchmarks assess learners' abilities objectively. At the end, they get their score and personalized recommendations to grow.

Track Your Team's Progress

See your entire team's current proficiency and track their progress in the Skills Benchmark Dashboard.

Start Your Security Journey

Cybersecurity Career Journey helps organizations increase information retention and apply skills on the job faster.

Develop Skills with Interactive Modules

Reinforce skills development with interactive modules, self-paced courses and Career Paths from Codecademy.

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Built By Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts guide your team through experiences that ensure learning happens in the most effective sequence and format for each particular skill.

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More Ways To Learn

Your team needs more than passive learning opportunities, but we know building and maintaining practice and simulation environments is time consuming and expensive.

We’ve taken care of that for you. We offer an integrated approach to learning with several ways to train so each learner can get what they need: building a new competency or earning a certification that propels their career forward.

  • 5,100 self-paced, on-demand courses
  • 900 immersive coding projects
  • 100+ live, instructor-led courses
  • 7,500 books
  • 500+ simulations and practice labs

“Skillsoft helped build a culture of self-motivaed learners faster than we thought possible.”
Anju Singh, Associate Director, HR, ACS Solutions

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