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JavaScript Training

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Skillsoft offers extensive resources geared toward JavaScript training. Expert-led online courses, books, virtual labs, and practice tests on the topics below are included in our IT portfolio.

  • JavaScript Essentials
  • JavaScript - JsRender
  • JavaScript Single Page Apps
  • JavaScript - Ember.js
  • JavaScript - Knockout
  • JavaScript Sencha
  • JavaScript: Backbone.js
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012: HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012: Advanced HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Defensive Coding Fundamentals for JavaScript and HTML5
  • Defensive Coding for JavaScript and HTML5
What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the most popular programming script for web development today. It’s an interpreted, object-oriented language, and is responsible for many elements that make website interactive, such as forms, animations, and dynamic multimedia. It’s compatible with all major web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox).

Is there an official JavaScript certification?

There is no official industry standard for JavaScript certification. Some eLearning vendors may offer JavaScript certificates, including the W3C, but their value is not universally recognized by employers. JavaScript developer skills are best assessed by considering years of experience, performance on coding exercises, JavaScript content in your portfolio or GitHub repository, or completion of JavaScript training courses or bootcamps.

Who learns JavaScript?

Front-end web developers, UI designers, and full stack developers will often need to know JavaScript. Before learning JavaScript, it’s best to have a strong foundational knowledge of HTML and CSS. JavaScript is a fairly simple language, and its popularity makes it highly in demand. Because of this, non-IT professionals might want to learn JavaScript, too.

How do you learn JavaScript?

As with many programming languages, you can teach yourself how to code, take classes, watch tutorials, or learn from a professional. Taking an online JavaScript course from trained experts is the best way to ensure there are no gaps in your learning.