Adoption Toolkit

Improvement without effort is rare. This is the same for your learning program. It is essential to develop and deploy an effective organization adoption strategy to see positive returns on any learning product. The best in class organizations market their learning programs to ensure awareness and drive usage by tactics such as optimizing the learner experience, communicating organizational change and aligning consumption meaningfully with business objectives.

But how do you start promoting adoption within your organization? Don’t worry. We are here to support you and your team. Delve into the following resources to easily set up and execute an adoption plan that will help drive success.

Marketing Planner

For effective adoption, your users must be aware of the programs your company offers. Use this guide to create a promotion plan to inform your end-users of your Skillsoft programs. Instructions on how to use the guide are on the first tab of the resource.

#igotskills Flyer

Let people know about learning opportunities for upskilling that align to their needs! Customize this flyer with your company logo and relevant asset links in Percipio. Then paste the updated flyer into an email and send it to your team.

Digital Transformation Flyer

Advertise Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation collection to your end-users. Personalize this flyer with your company name and logo while including links to Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation assets in your organization.

Sample 12-month Marketing Plan

Get a head start on your marketing with 12 months’ worth of marketing on the hottest topics across the Skillsoft Client base. This spreadsheet contains all you need to get started, starting with resource directions on the first tab.

Digital Badges

Drive motivation and engagement through the use of digital badges. This PowerPoint contains all you need to start marketing Skillsoft Digital Badges to your end-users, showing them the benefits of earning and showing off their accomplishments.

Skillsoft Client Community

Want more? The Skillsoft Client Community contains carefully curated resources that include marketing collateral, content mappings, and best practices to help you get the most out of your Skillsoft learning solution!