Engagement and Curation Toolkit

Some users get a lot out of learning offered by an organization while others thrive through guidance to relevant content. Your company can encourage commitment through curation and engagement tactics. If you are not sure where to start, don’t worry! We are here to support you and your team. Delve into the following resources to build a plan to engage with your business, set objectives, and gain commitment by curating solutions to meet strategic priorities.

Mapping Business Objectives with Skills

Use this document to see a list of common program goals that are aligned to a list of Skillsoft’s most popular topics and content.

Meeting in a Box

Everything a manager would need to host a learning discussion with their team about topics important to your business.

User Persona Content Alignment

The presentation will help you to define Personas within your company that you can then use to align content.

Gaining Commitment

This simple overview provides a quick understanding of stakeholder groups and how to gain their commitment.

Percipio: Creating and Managing Audiences

Learn how to set up audiences in Percipio so you target them with specific training relevant to their unique needs.

Client Community: Alignment

Use the resources on Client Community to learn more about curating content that target your audience and learner needs.