Skillsoft's personalized learning platform, Percipio, was designed for one purpose — to help you refresh your current skills and embrace new ones so you stay in demand. Let's look at a few key elements of the platform to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

1. Connect your learning plan to your short and long-term career goals.

Skillsoft Percipio allows you to follow curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths — known as Aspire Journeys— that give you a clear starting point to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be in your career. Aspire Journeys walk you, step-by-step, through diverse skills across business and tech, offering courses, guidance, tools, and hands-on practice. Maximize your time, fit learning into the cracks of your calendar, and gain skills you can apply directly to the projects in front of you.

2. Spend more time on skill-building and far less time wondering, "Is this the best content for the topic?"

In addition to Aspire Journeys, you'll discover that we curate all Skillsoft content into Channels — created to align with more than 100K requests from companies worldwide to create content for the specific skills they're looking for in their employees and candidates. No matter what skill you're looking to master, channels give you a logical pathway of content so you can get started.

3. Skillsoft Digital Badges are yours to keep.

Earn Skillsoft Digital Badges by completing courses and Aspire Journeys. Badges let you showcase your skills by sharing across your social networks or with your manager. The best part is, Skillsoft Digital Badges are yours to keep! Anyone viewing the badge sees what you did to earn it, thanks to embedded metadata secured and verified in a blockchain. Digital badges offer a progressive new way to accelerate your professional brand.

As you develop new skills and improve your knowledge, you can always access your Digital Badges under My Profile.

4. Learn in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

Skillsoft partnered with MIT and Accenture to research how the brain processes and retains information. Skillsoft's scenario-based course content is informed by this research — and proven to improve understanding.

You choose your learning experience. Depending on your preference on any given day or night, you can watch videos, read books, book summaries, listen to audiobooks, and even practice your skills in low-stakes, hands-on lab environments.

You may choose to consume content entirely on your own. You may also attend Leadercamps and Tech Bootcamps to access timely, real-world insights from leading experts and collaborate in scheduled virtual classrooms.

5. Save time and keep your skills updated with AI-driven personalization.

Once you've signed into Skillsoft Percipio for the first time, you can select your areas and subjects of interest. Percipio's AI-driven, personalized homepage recommends content that's meaningful and relevant to you based on these interests — in addition to your recent activity and the activities of learners with similar professional profiles.

Percipio's search functionality uses Google BERT natural language processing AI to optimize search results for multi-word searches. Depending on the terms you enter, search results can include any of your available content types, such as courses or books, and specific asset details such as author, duration, and expertise levels.

When you find content that interests you, you can add it to your Playlist or copy a shareable, unique link to the asset. Your Playlist allows you to access your saved content in one location, so you can view it when convenient with your schedule.

6. Tech Bootcamps Help you Learn the Latest in Tech, Prepare for New Roles, and Ace your Certifications.

Skillsoft runs as many as six live Bootcamps a month. Bootcamps offer an immersive, live, instructor-led experience. Get the skills and competencies you need to become the go-to guru, in-house expert, or just land that next project. Take a peek at the calendar of upcoming Bootcamps and find the session for you.

7. Learn anywhere, anytime with the Percipio Mobile App and Offline Play.

Extend your learning experience to your mobile device with the Skillsoft Percipio Mobile app. Download the app, sign in with your credentials, and build new skills in minutes a day. Set weekly goals and opt in to receive push notifications reminding you to stay on track. A seamless experience allows you to access content on your mobile device, take a break, and then automatically pick up right where you left off from your laptop or desktop.

8. Take advantage of available certifications.

Skillsoft offers several certifications from global leaders in information technology and sponsors of best practices in business processes. Certifications include CompTIA, (ISC)2, ISAC, Cisco, CEH, AWS, GCP, and Microsoft. 74% of learners using our certification prep materials pass the proctored exam on their first attempt, while 99% pass within two attempts.

The fastest way to explore the available certifications is to go to the homepage, click the Library button, then look under the Certifications submenu.

Percipio is Latin for "Acquiring Knowledge"— we hope it helps you sharpen your current skills, dive into new ones, and feel confident that no matter what professional challenges present themselves tomorrow, you'll be ready.