Aspire Learning Journeys

Keep Your Team Ahead of the Curve

Accelerate skill development by building on current knowledge. As our understanding of technology evolves, so do the job roles that utilize those technologies. Stay ahead of rapid technology change with Skillsoft Aspire’s prescribed paths from current to future job roles.

Know where to start…

Help employees start their learning at the right place. Prescriptive course material is intentionally designed to walk learners step by step through diverse topic areas relevant to progressing from current to aspirational roles.

Prove Your Expertise…

Ensure that high-potential employees have the right skills for advancement and can apply learning correctly on-the job. Aspire allows learners to connect live with experts through virtual chat and demonstrate their newly acquired capabilities in hands-on Labs, Assessments and Final Exams.

Know where to go next…

Once a journey is completed employees can continue their growth and move on to another field. Based on industry best practices, existing user data and close collaboration with clients around the world, Skillsoft Aspire journeys provide the continual learning needed to retain and lift talent to deliver positive business outcomes.

Learning journeys designed to move people forward.

Sequenced Instruction

Journeys are organized along a path that orients learners to key work functions and daily learning challenges.

Based on a Proven Approach to Learning Design

We provide a diverse set of learning tools including videos, books, audiobooks as well as practice assessments that complement the diverse ways people learn.

Hands on Practice

Without the need for any installation, Labs allow learners to prepare in a safe virtual environment and put new capabilities into practice

Job Readiness

At the culmination of the journey, users must demonstrate their new-found knowledge by passing a rigorous final exam.

Relevant Business & Leadership Skills

Provided optionally in every Journey, learners can go beyond the technical by learning the relevant skills necessary to communicate ideas to leadership and collaborate across teams.

Prepared Now. Continually Ready for What’s Ahead.

Aspire Course Samples

Data Analysis with Pandas

This is an example from the Data Analyst to Data Scientist Aspire Journey. In this Skillsoft Aspire course you will use the Python data analysis library Pandas to analyze data.

Compiling Smart Contracts

This is an excerpt of a course that covers Working with Ethereum: Smart Contract Development, Compiling Smart Contracts.