Accounting For Dummies, 7th Edition Audio

  • 18h 50m 29s
  • John A. Tracy, Michael Butler Murray, Tage C. Tracy
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2022

Few skills are as useful as a basic understanding of accounting language. And with the right resources, learning the language of business can be intuitive, empowering, and fun.

Accounting for Dummies is the perfect place to start, whether you're operating a small business, just need help managing the family budget, or you're a rising star in corporate America. It's a financial blueprint for the everyday person, easy to understand, and full of practical advice.

You'll learn the basic ABCs of accounting, how to read and understand financial statements, create best in class budgets and forecasts, craft profitable business plans, take control of your own finances, gain insight on how companies get money from investors and banks, and avoid common money mistakes that trip up even the best of us.

As a useful tool for business or as a guide to your personal finances, nothing compares to accounting mastery. And once you've nailed the basics, you'll wonder how you ever lived without this universal and beautiful language.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Accounting in Today’s New Economy
  • Chapter 2 - Introducing Financial Statements
  • Chapter 3 - Safeguarding Company Assets
  • Chapter 4 - Accounting in the Digital Age
  • Chapter 5 - Recognizing the Legal and Accounting Entity
  • Chapter 6 - Reporting Profit or Loss in the Income Statement
  • Chapter 7 - Reporting Financial Condition in the Balance Sheet
  • Chapter 8 - Reporting Cash Sources and Uses in the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Chapter 9 - Financial Accounting Issues
  • Chapter 10 - Producing Financial Reports
  • Chapter 11 - Deciphering a Financial Report
  • Chapter 12 - Analyzing Financial Information with Ratios
  • Chapter 13 - Generating Internal Financial Information for Management Use
  • Chapter 14 - Applying Wall Street’s Tricks and Treats to Engineer Financial Results
  • Chapter 15 - Analyzing Profit
  • Chapter 16 - Accounting for Costs
  • Chapter 17 - Preparing Best-in-Class Forecasts, Projections, and Budgets
  • Chapter 18 - Capitalizing a Business: How, When, Why, and What
  • Chapter 19 - Ten Tips for Managers
  • Chapter 20 - Ten Tips for Reading a Financial Report


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