Agent You: Show Up, Do the Work, and Succeed on Your Own Terms

  • 4h 41m 39s
  • Nicole Lynn
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2021

What does it take to achieve your personal and professional goals? When is the right time to take calculated risks, and how do you prepare for the moment when opportunity presents itself?

If anyone can show you how to do this, it’s Nicole Lynn. As the first Black female agent to represent a top-three NFL draft pick, Nicole worked her way from childhood poverty to become a Wall Street financial analyst, then attorney, and now top agent to elite athletes and entertainers.

In a male-dominated profession, her success was earned through a combination of hard work, preparation, self-advocacy, tenacity, and faith.

"In this book, Nicole reveals her incredible journey and how she got where she is today." (Gabrielle Union)

Agent You shares Nicole’s key strategies for creating a plan and executing it, even in the face of self-doubt and external obstacles.

In Agent You, Nicole will teach you how to:

  • Discover and stay focused on your purpose
  • Develop your personal brand and advocate for yourself
  • Prepare for big opportunities
  • Land your dream job
  • Manage your workload and still prioritize self-care

Each chapter includes exercises to help you implement the strategies presented, so you can start working toward your goals today. You define what success looks like. Unlock a plan to succeed on your own terms.

What will your legacy be? Regardless of what life challenges you face, everyone can own their success story and walk in their purpose - and Nicole believes you are your best agent.

About the Author

In 2019, Nicole Lynn became the first Black woman to represent a Top 3 NFL draft pick (and only the second woman in history to solo represent a NFL first rounder). The following year, Lynn again made history, representing back-to-back Top 10 NFL draft picks. Beyond the realm of sports, she represents multiple clients in the entertainment industry, ranging from broadcasters and a music artist. A TV show inspired by her life will be produced and released by 50 Cent and STARZ. Most recently, Lynn joined Klutch Sports Group as senior agent and president of football operations.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Find Your Purpose
  • Chapter 2 - Get Your Dream Job
  • Chapter 3 - Be Your Authentic Self
  • Chapter 4 - Treat Yourself Like the Brand You Are
  • Chapter 5 - Embrace a Mamba Mentality
  • Chapter 6 - Stay Ready, So You Don’t Have to Get Ready
  • Chapter 7 - Get Comfortable with Losing
  • Chapter 8 - Do All You Can, Then Do No More
  • Chapter 9 - Ditch Imposter Syndrome
  • Chapter 10 - Score a Seat at the Table
  • Chapter 11 - Practice Self-Care
  • Chapter 12 - Let Go of Busy
  • Chapter 13 - Curate Your Tribe
  • Conclusion