Akka in Action

  • 12h 15m 36s
  • Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, Rob Williams
  • Manning Publications
  • 2018

Akka in Action is a comprehensive tutorial on building message-oriented systems using Akka. The audiobook takes a hands-on approach, where each new concept is followed by an example that shows you how it works, how to implement the code, and how to (unit) test it.

Akka makes it relatively easy to build applications in the cloud or on devices with many cores that efficiently use the full capacity of the computing power available. It's a toolkit that provides an actor programming model, a runtime, and required support tools for building scalable applications.

Akka in Action shows you how to build message-oriented systems with Akka. This comprehensive, hands-on tutorial introduces each concept with a working example. You'll start with the big picture of how Akka works and then quickly build and deploy a fully functional REST service out of actors. You'll explore test-driven development and deploying and scaling fault-tolerant systems.

After mastering the basics, you'll discover how to model immutable messages, implement domain models, and apply techniques like event sourcing and CQRS. You'll also find a tutorial on building streaming applications using akka-stream and akka-http.

Finally, you'll get practical advice on how to customize and extend your Akka system.

What's inside:

  • Getting concurrency right
  • Testing and performance tuning
  • Clustered and cloud-based applications
  • Covers Akka version 2.4

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introducing Akka
  • Chapter 2 - Up and Running
  • Chapter 3 - Test-Driven Development with Actors
  • Chapter 4 - Fault Tolerance
  • Chapter 5 - Futures
  • Chapter 6 - Your First Distributed Akka App
  • Chapter 7 - Configuration, Logging, and Deployment
  • Chapter 8 - Structural Patterns for Actors
  • Chapter 9 - Routing Messages
  • Chapter 10 - Message Channels
  • Chapter 11 - Finite-State Machines and Agents
  • Chapter 12 - System Integration
  • Chapter 13 - Streaming
  • Chapter 14 - Clustering
  • Chapter 15 - Actor Persistence
  • Chapter 16 - Performance Tips
  • Chapter 17 - Looking Ahead