Beyond Emotional Intelligence

  • 9h 19m 23s
  • S. Michele Nevarez
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

In Beyond Emotional Intelligence, renowned educator and leadership expert S. Michele Nevarez delivers a powerful guide to building ingrained mental habits to help us achieve desired outcomes, improve our relationships, and live in alignment with our values. You'll discover how to use the author's 12 Self-Discoveries to get to know yourself and stop getting in your own way. You'll retrain your mind to develop new patterns of thought and behavior that will serve you better as you achieve your life goals.

The 12 Self-Discoveries discussed in the book provide clues and insights into who we are and what motivates our decisions and behaviors. Functioning as an internal barometer for our emotional and mental habits, they provide a clear path to uncover and work with our cognitive patterns and tendencies of action and reaction. They also unlock the possibility of exercising our own agency at key moments in our lives.

Beyond Emotional Intelligence will help you discover how concealed thought patterns are influencing your life, relationships, and goals, and how you can build emotional intelligence by recognizing your reactions and perceptions for what they are: changeable. You'll find proven methods for influencing your outcomes, decluttering your mind, and shifting your own awareness to a more positive, productive place.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  • 1 - The Evolution of Emotional Intelligence
  • 2 - An Introduction to the 12 Self-Discoveries
  • 3 - What We Have Influence Over
  • 4 - You Are the Common Denominator
  • 5 - You Don’t Have to Believe Everything You Think
  • 6 - Your Focus Becomes Your Reality
  • 7 - What Are You Building Evidence For?
  • 8 - Happiness is a State of Mind
  • 9 - Mantras, Metaphors, and Maps
  • 10 - Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Habits of Mind
  • 11 - Reimagining Emotional Intelligence


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