Beyond the Mask: How My Tragedy Sparked an Incredible Life: Lessons I Might Never Have Learned

  • 6h 3m 23s
  • Brian P. Walsh
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Minutes before Brian Walsh, then just a teenager, heard his beeper go off, calling him to help put out another fire, he was on top of the world. An hour later, after a freak flashover and confusion that sent the junior firefighter into the inferno against regulations, Brian had suffered such profound burns to his face that he was unidentifiable to his fellow firefighters.

Nearly everyone expected him to die that night. He did not.

Nearly everyone expected him to die in the burn unit where, over the next month, every other patient died.

Nearly everyone, including family and friends, expected Brian to choose a professional life that would keep him from showing his face, and the personal life of a hermit. He did not.

Decades later, Brian is an extraordinarily successful and renowned financial planner, family man, community fixture, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and industry leader. In this stirring autobiography, he tells his incredible story, sharing the lessons that only tragedy could teach and how they helped him - and can help anyone - achieve greater success, inside and out.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Flashover Flashback
  • Chapter 2 - What the Hell Happened?
  • Chapter 3 - Unmask
  • Chapter 4 - Look in the Mirror
  • Chapter 5 - Trust What You See, Not What Others See in You
  • Chapter 6 - …But Also Find People to Trust Who aren't You
  • Chapter 7 - Throw the First Punch*
  • Chapter 8 - Listen, That's All
  • Chapter 9 - Be Yourself, Don't Sell Yourself
  • Chapter 10 - Stock up on Foxholes
  • Chapter 11 - Imagine it's Worse
  • Chapter 12 - Instead of Outrunning the Truth, Run with it
  • Chapter 13 - Embrace the Unknowable
  • Chapter 14 - Face Yourself (If You Think You Have, You Still Probably Haven't)