Intention: The Surprising Psychology of High Performers

  • 9h 30m 44s
  • Dan Pilat, Mike James Ross, Sekoul Theodor Krastev
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

We're stuck. Stuck to the couch. Stuck scrolling. Stuck at work. Stuck in worn-out paths of habitual action. Stuck in carefully curated lives where we've traded our agency for endless comforts that wrap us in existential ennui.

As our eyes fixate on a constant parade of images meant to engage us, we notice something in the periphery. We see folks who are just like us, except they are actually, deeply happy and fulfilled. They seem to go through life with ease and grace, overcoming obstacles and making amazing things happen for themselves.

Peering closer, we see that these aren't gods or superhumans. They're just people who have chosen to not be stuck and decided to become the main characters in their own lives. Their success is not a birthright bestowed upon a lucky few, but the result of lives lived with intention. And that's what this book is about-a practical guide on infusing purpose into life in a deliberate and evidence-based way.

Through a combination of inspiring stories about unlikely high performers and evidence from the bleeding edge of behavioral science, we present you with a toolkit for learning intention-not as a fluffy concept, but as five very trainable skills.

About the Author

MIKE JAMES ROSS is the CHRO of Simons, a leading North American retailer, where he helps over 5,000 employees thrive. Prior to Simons, Mike was a consultant at McKinsey, focused on transforming Fortune 100 companies into better workplaces. He then founded a coaching and leadership development firm that worked with global organizations such as Google and Cirque du Soleil.

SEKOUL THEODOR KRASTEV is a Co-Founder at The Decision Lab. Previously at Google and the Boston Consulting Group, his work in decision science has been featured in top peer-reviewed journals, conferences around the world, and in outlets such as The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

DAN PILAT is a Co-Founder at The Decision Lab, an applied behavioural science firm helping large organizations unlock social impact. Previously at The World Bank, Dan’s work on decision-making has been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and NBC.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - A Languishing World
  • Chapter 3 - What Is Intention?
  • Chapter 4 - Becoming Main Characters
  • Chapter 5 - Intention Is Trainable
  • Chapter 6 - The Surprising Impact of Willpower Attitude
  • Chapter 7 - High Performers Have Nonlimited Willpower
  • Chapter 8 - Physical Ingredients to Willpower
  • Chapter 9 - How to Train the Experience of Willpower
  • Chapter 10 - Willpower as a Team Sport
  • Chapter 11 - High Performers Are Curious
  • Chapter 12 - Don't Stop (Re)believing
  • Chapter 13 - How to Change Your Mind
  • Chapter 14 - Believing Together
  • Chapter 15 - Living Our Values
  • Chapter 16 - How to Uncover Your Values
  • Chapter 17 - When Values Conflict
  • Chapter 18 - Know Thy Team
  • Chapter 19 - High Performers Are Focused on the Right Things
  • Chapter 20 - Directing the Spotlight
  • Chapter 21 - Spotlights at Work
  • Chapter 22 - Intentional Wandering
  • Chapter 23 - Not All Flow Is Created Equal
  • Chapter 24 - Focusing Teams
  • Chapter 25 - The Roots of High Performance
  • Chapter 26 - Taking Control of Unconscious Actions
  • Chapter 27 - Finding the Power Within
  • Chapter 28 - The Importance of Workplace Rituals
  • Chapter 29 - Intention in Our Relationships
  • Chapter 30 - The Garden of Intention


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