Boost!: How the Psychology of Sports Can Enhance your Performance in Management and Work

  • 10h 52m 34s
  • Michael Bar-Eli
  • Gildan Media
  • 2018

To perform better in any situation - in your career, hobbies, relationships, or in any facet of your life - it is critical to develop psychological skills, which, just like physical abilities, can be taught, learned, and practiced. Both as individuals and as groups, we can tone these psychological skills and use them to heighten awareness, foster talents and technical abilities, and reach peak performance. Mental preparedness and psychological awareness are the keys to thriving in any environment.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Arousal: Is a Lot of Stress Really That Bad?
  • 2. Motivation: Defining Our Driving Force
  • 3. Aspiration: Enhancing Performance through Goal Setting
  • 4. Self-Confidence: Handling Expectations and Unexpected Obstacles
  • 5. Action: To Do or Not to Do?
  • 6. Creativity and Innovation: On Floppers and Vaulters
  • 7. Cohesion: All for One, and One for All!
  • 8. Team-Building: Finding the Right People for the Right System
  • 9. Leadership Values: Becoming a Head Honcho
  • 10. Mental Preparation I: Incorporating Imagery and Visualization into a Daily Routine
  • 11. Mental Preparation II: Basic Principles of Effective Psycho-Regulation
  • 12. Moral Performance: Is Winning Really Everything?


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