Brain Sell: When Science Meets Shopping; How the New Mind Sciences and the Persuasion Industry Are Reading Our Thoughts, Influencing Our Emotions, and Stimulating Us to Shop

  • 9h 26m 13s
  • David Lewis
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Science has made the leap from the lab to come to a store near you—and the effects on us are phenomenal. Corporations in hyper-competition are now using the new mind sciences to analyze how and when we shop, and the hidden triggers that persuade us to consume.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 When Science Met Selling
  • 2 Hidden Persuaders That Shape the Way We Shop
  • 3 “I Know What You're Thinking!”
  • 4 Why Shopping Isn't “All in the Mind”
  • 5 Inside the Buying Brain
  • 6 The Persuasive Power of Atmospherics
  • 7 Brand Love: The Engineering of Emotions
  • 8 The Power of Subliminal Priming and Persuasion
  • 9 When Your Television Watches You
  • 10 The Marketing Power of Mobile Media
  • 11 The Ultimate Brain Sell
  • 12 Let the Buyer Be Aware


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