Burnout to Breakthrough: Motivating Employees With Leadership Tools That Work

  • 7h 44m 27s
  • Ina Catrinescu
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2019

Are your employees feeling exhausted, cynical, or just tuned-out? Do they frequently check their phones in meetings, and seem especially uninterested to hear about the next important organizational change? Are they working harder but getting less done? Ill too often or for too long? These are some of the classic warning signs of disengagement.

In a perfect world, work should do so much for us. It should lend us purpose and a sense of meaning, offer us structure and stability. But invariably, something goes wrong - many employees have to pull themselves over the fence each day at a job that is burning them out.

Employee engagement and burnout were declared in a state of "crisis" and the biggest concerns for employers in 2017. And we are right to be concerned. Disengagement comes at the yearly cost of $550 billion to the US economy. But it's not just our economic prosperity that's at stake. The study presented in Burnout to Breakthrough shows an alarming correlation between disengagement and the following three health predators: depression, obesity, and suicide.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. The End
  • 2. Liberty Is Precious, and It Must Be Carefully Rationed
  • 3. The Dauphin Mystery
  • 4. The Quiet War
  • 5. The Western Karōshi
  • 6. The Gift of Burnout
  • 7. From May Day to Mayday
  • 8. The Truth About Motivation
  • 1. The Good Manipulator
  • 2. Change Management
  • 3. Emotional Intelligence
  • 4. Employee Satisfaction
  • 5. Leadership Development
  • 6. Performance Management
  • 7. Systematic Stupidity
  • 8. Corporate Values
  • 1. The Well-Intentioned Path to Harm
  • 2. The Myths of Survival
  • 3. Time Is Money
  • 4. In Praise of Leisure
  • 5. The Four-Hour Workday