Career Warfare: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It

  • 4h 26m 17s
  • David F. D'Alessandro
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2004

In Career Warfare, David F. D’Alessandro, the bestselling author of Brand Warfare, has written a business classic: an insightful and delightfully frank book about achieving professional success at a high level.

What really defines those who get ahead? Hard work and accomplishments will only get you so far. If you intend to compete at the levels where the competition gets really ferocious—where everybody is hard-working and accomplished—you need a much more subtle weapon. According to D’Alessandro, the CEO of Hancock Financial Services, you cannot win without the kind of reputation of “personal brand” that convinces powerful people to trust you.

D’Alessandro, a keen observer of the unwritten rules of organizational life, shows how personal brands are built out of people’s day-to-day behavior in even the most insignificant movements. He also demonstrates what a battle it is to build a good one. It is a battle even to be noticed early in your career; it is a battle not to become dangerously arrogant later on. You constantly have to defend your brand from the sniping of your enemies, the indifference of your bosses, and your own worst impulses.

In this Audiobook

  • Rule 1: Try To Look Beyond Your Own Navel
  • Rule 2: Like It Or Not, Your Boss Is The Coauthor of your Brand
  • Rule 3: Put Your Boss On The Couch
  • Rule 4: Learn Which One Is The Pickle Fork
  • Rule 5: Kenny Rogers Is Right
  • Rule 6: It's Always Show Time
  • Rule 7: Make The Right Enemies
  • Rule 8: Try Not To Be Swallowed By The Bubble
  • Rule 9: The Higher You Fly, The More You Will Be Shot At
  • Rule 10: Everybody Coulda Been A Contender; Make Sure You Stay One


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