Certain Uncertainty: Leading with Agility and Resilience in an Unpredictable World

  • 6h 59m 28s
  • Des Dearlove
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

In Certain Uncertainty, renowned management theorist Des Dearlove delivers an exciting and illuminating discussion of how to build resilience and agility into our lives and businesses. As rapid and foundational change becomes ever more constant, a state of constant disruption increasingly becomes our new normal. Certain Uncertainty collects advice and fresh thinking from accomplished business leaders to help managers and executives navigate contemporary markets.

In the book, you'll find:

  • Ways to structure your business to better respond to constant fluidity and change
  • Discussions of why the concepts of economic and social certainty were always largely illusory
  • Strategies for embracing forward-looking humility that acknowledges uncertainty about what lies around the next corner
  • Thought-provoking insights from leading business experts including Sheree Atcheson, Ori Brafman, Rom Brafman, Paul R. Carlile, Julie Carrier, Kirstin Ferguson, Nathan Furr, Susannah Harmon Furr, Amy Gallo, Matt Gitsham, Ruth Gotian, Mehran Gul, Diane Hamilton, Maja Korica, Marianne W. Lewis, David Liddle, Terence Mauri, Jennifer Moss, Gorick Ng, David Nour, Simone T. A. Phipps, Leon C. Prieto, and others

About the Author

DES DEARLOVE is a British business journalist and management theorist known for his expertise in the evolution of management ideas and thought leadership. He is Co-founder of Thinkers50, the influential global ranking of management thinkers.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Resilient, Net Positive Leadership
  • Chapter 2 - Leading Like a Futurist
  • Chapter 3 - The Privilege of Leadership
  • Chapter 4 - Leading from the Future (Not the Past)
  • Chapter 5 - Toward Uncertainty Ability
  • Chapter 6 - Leading with the Head and Heart
  • Chapter 7 - The Nine Derailers of Strategy
  • Chapter 8 - Radical Empathy
  • Chapter 9 - Leading Sustainability Transitions
  • Chapter 10 - Navigating Paradoxes
  • Chapter 11 - The WHY, WHAT, and HOW of Leadership
  • Chapter 12 - Developing a Curious Culture at Work
  • Chapter 13 - Is Your Company Alive?
  • Chapter 14 - Staying in the Know in Extraordinary Times
  • Chapter 15 - Stop Quiet Quitting Your Life
  • Chapter 16 - Policy
  • Chapter 17 - Voices of Difference at Work
  • Chapter 18 - Want More Female Leaders? Develop Leadership When It Matters Most
  • Chapter 19 - Servant Leadership, Cooperative Advantage, and Social Sustainability
  • Chapter 20 - Leaders Talk Less and Speak Last
  • Chapter 21 - Deciding Whom to Promote
  • Chapter 22 - Justice at Work
  • Chapter 23 - Personal Brand Building in a Creator Economy
  • Chapter 24 - The Need for High Achievers in the Era of Uncertainty
  • Chapter 25 - Curve Benders
  • Chapter 26 - Navigating Ambivalence in Our Professional Relationships
  • Chapter 27 - How Leaders Can Help Employees Face Uncertainty