Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy

  • 5h 43m 22s
  • Anthony Stevens, Louis Strauss
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

The paradigms of big business have changed. Business models that were once lucrative now seem to barely move the needle. Incumbents of the old guard find themselves superseded by new, digitally-charged, data-fueled organizations that leverage platform-based business models. How can pre-digital businesses survive? They're loaded with resources, brand power, and deeply embedded networks, they just need a new playbook. Chasing Digital is that playbook.

Outlining a clear and detailed framework, this book is designed to help leaders redesign their organization from the bottom up by leveraging their strengths to create a new competitive advantage in the digital economy. From laying the foundations of transformation: developing a considered strategy, growing a conducive culture and building a receptive organizational design; to building core digital capabilities: taking advantage of data, harnessing artificial intelligence, and embracing appropriate platforms; to adapting the accelerators of change: navigating board expectations, mitigating potential roadblocks, and making the right investments, this playbook will give you the tools and mindsets needed to not only survive but to thrive and leave a legacy for future leaders.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Strategies for Success
  • Chapter 2 - Organisational Design
  • Chapter 3 - Culture
  • Chapter 4 - Data
  • Chapter 5 - Platforms
  • Chapter 6 - Systems of Intelligence
  • Chapter 7 - Investment Management
  • Chapter 8 - Technology Risk Management
  • Chapter 9 - Advice for Boards and Directors