Clutter Busting

  • 5h 39m 23s
  • Brooks Palmer
  • New World Library
  • 2009

Piles of junk in garages and closets, overflowing papers on desks, items unused for years, masses of unanswered email, clothing never worn, useless gifts that collect dust; all these things, says Brooks Palmer, come weighted with shame and guilt and have a suffocating effect on spirit and soul. In this insightful book, Palmer shows how to get rid of the things in our lives that no longer serve us. By tossing out these unneeded items, we are also eliminating their negative influences, freeing up energy, and unlocking our potential.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: You are Sacred — Your Things are Not
  • Chapter 2: We Assume False Identities in Clutter
  • Chapter 3: Clutter Keeps Us Living in the Past
  • Chapter 4: Clutter Represents Fear of Change
  • Chapter 5: Clutter is an Addiction
  • Chapter 6: Clearing Clutter to Make Room for Clarity
  • Chapter 7: Inner Clutter Creates Outer Clutter
  • Chapter 8: Mental Clutter
  • Chapter 9: Clutter as Punishment
  • Chapter 10: Using Your Discriminating Tools