Combo Prospecting:The Powerful One-Two Punch That Fills Your Pipeline and Wins Sales

  • 8h 6m 15s
  • Tony J. Hughes
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2018

How do you break through to impossible-to-reach executive buyers who are intent on blocking out the noise that confronts them every day?

Old-school prospecting tactics or new-school techniques alone won't provide the answers. But Combo Prospecting showing how to combine time-tested sales processes with cutting-edge social media strategies and clever technology hacks. The book reveals today's new breed of Chief Executive Buyers, the channels they use, the value narrative you need, and the mix of methods that works.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One: Awful Truths that Can Set You Free
  • Chapter Two: Earning the Right to Win
  • Chapter Three: Building Your Platform
  • Chapter Four: Executing Your COMBO Strategy
  • Chapter Five: The Act of Personal Sales Leadership