Commit and Deliver: On the Frontlines of Management Consulting

  • 7h 59m 12s
  • Ascent Audio, Cyrus Freidheim, Tom Parks
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

If you're a young person just beginning your career path or a seasoned professional considering a new direction, there's one crucial key to success: insider advice. That is, learning from the best so that you have a grasp on how to navigate your career before you make the plunge. The good news? This book makes it easy.

In Commit and Deliver, Cyrus Freidheim - management consultant, two-time CEO of public companies, author of The Trillion-Dollar Enterprise, and veteran of more than 30 corporate and nonprofit boards - provides vital mentorship in memoir form. Using the framework of his storied career, Freidheim explores how career and personal decisions can be prepared for and made, how to grow professionally, and how to think through complex business problems from a practitioner's perspective.

Commit and Deliver provides intimate insight into what management consultants do, how they interact with their corporate clients, and what it takes to become a good consultant. It paints a picture of what life is like at the bottom of the business career ladder, what is expected, and what one must bring to the table. Most important, it shows you what it takes to move up the ladder in virtually any industry. Finally, he walks you through preparing for and living a productive retirement.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Chrysler on the Brink
  • Chapter 2 - We All Start at the Bottom
  • Chapter 3 - Cars! Cars! Cars!
  • Chapter 4 - What is Management Consulting?
  • Chapter 5 - Sin, Oui, Si, Ja, Da, Hai, Areh, Yes!
  • Chapter 6 - Back in the USA
  • Chapter 7 - From Consultant to CEO: “Yes, We Have Bananas”
  • Chapter 8 - Catch a Falling Sun: “The World is Made of Stories, Not Atoms”
  • Chapter 9 - Life in the Boardroom
  • Chapter 10 - Retirement: “Better to Wear Out Than Rust Out”