Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World

  • 5h 11m 31s
  • Bruno Roche, Jay Jakub
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2017

For the past fifty years, leaders in the business world have believed that their sole responsibility is to maximize profit for shareholders. But this obsessive focus was a major cause of the abuses that nearly sunk the global economy in 2008. In this analytically rigorous and eminently practical book, Bruno Roche and Jay Jakub offer a more complete form of capitalism, one that delivers superior financial performance precisely because it mobilizes and generates human, social, and natural capital along with financial capital. They describe how the model has been implemented in live business pilots in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. Recent high-profile books like Capital in the Twenty-First Century have exposed financial capitalism's shortcomings, but this book goes far beyond by describing a well-developed, field-tested alternative.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: The Expanded Meaning of Capital
  • Chapter 2: Five Indicators for Measuring Human Capital and Well-Being at Work
  • Chapter 3: Measuring Social Capital—How Communities Affect Growth
  • Chapter 4: Measuring Natural Capital—Making More from Less
  • Chapter 5: Recalibrating Financial Capital—How Mutuality Drives Profits
  • Chapter 6: Maua—Social and Human Capital—A Case Study
  • Chapter 7: Coffee—Natural Capital—Case Study
  • Chapter 8: Remunerating the New Forms of Capital