Content is King: The Complete Guide to Writing Website Content That Sells

  • 6h 31m 20s
  • Laura Briggs
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Your brand is unique. Your website content should be, too.

Many businesses believe they know what sets their brand apart from the competition, only to discover they aren't connecting with their audience. With Content is King as your guide, you'll uncover your accurate Unique Value Proposition, so you can reach the customer-base that's been searching for you. Learn to craft quality, authentic content that converts window-shoppers into returning customers.

In an increasingly digital age, website content is the pinnacle launch pad that prompts your audience to act. Establish your brand values, determine the needs of your niche audience, and curate a website that highlights the exclusive opportunities only you can offer with Content is King as your go-to handbook.

Discover how to: build your content marketing strategy from scratch; define your Unique Value Proposition and tell your own story; navigate Search Engine Optimization and direct high-volume traffic to your platform; and discern your buyer's journey to customize and enhance your patron's experience.

Take your content to new heights with top-grade editorial, today!

About the Author

Laura Briggs is a former middle school teacher turned freelance writer, project manager, and online course creator. Since leaving her teaching career in 2012 to pursue freelance writing, she's helped more than 6,000 students launch or optimize their freelance business. She's been featured in Inc., the Huffington Post, and Business Insider. Laura is also a PhD candidate in public administration and policy at Virginia Tech. She blogs at Better Biz Academy.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Website Writing 101
  • Chapter 2 - Website Basics and How to Write Them
  • Chapter 3 - Defining Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Chapter 4 - Writing Copy: Best Practices and Brand Guidelines
  • Chapter 5 - Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey
  • Chapter 6 - Outlining and Drafting Your Website Copy
  • Chapter 7 - SEO: Optimizing Website Content
  • Chapter 8 - From Website to Content Marketing Strategy
  • Chapter 9 - Blogging Basics
  • Chapter 10 - Advanced Blogging
  • Chapter 11 - Marketing Outreach: Other Content
  • Chapter 12 - Outsourcing: Hiring Other Professionals
  • Final Thoughts