Coping Skills: Tools and Techniques for Every Stressful Situation

  • 1h 56m 1s
  • Cassandra de Cuir, Faith G. Harper PhD LPC-S ACS ACN
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2019

You know those days when you just can't even? When everything is haywire and everyone, including yourself, seems to be against you? Your to-do list is a mile long; your kid is sick, traffic sucks, and you just spilled coffee all over yourself as you were about to walk out the door? How do you cope? We guess you could say "f--k it" and go back to bed with a bottle of whiskey at 10 a.m., but check out these more sustainable and helpful alternatives by Dr. Faith first. This is the first book of its kind to break down coping skills by type of situation. Includes skills from CBT, DBT, ACT, positive psychology, mindfulness-based stress reduction, somatic experiencing, Jungian therapy, and more.

In this Audiobook

  • What Exactly Do You Mean by Coping?
  • How Do Coping Skills Work?
  • Basic Coping, Navy SEAL Style
  • Types of Coping Skills
  • Live Through This Skills
  • Internal Judo Skills
  • Mitigate the Bullshit Skills
  • Find the Pony Skills
  • Cope Onward
  • Helping Others Cope
  • An Empowering Conclusion Before You Face the World Yet Again