Customer Loyalty: Top Strategies for Increasing Your Company's Bottom Line

  • 2h 26m 51s
  • Justin Sachs
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2014

Customer Loyalty provides the world's leading tools, strategies, and principles from the world's leading strategic business professionals. These are the systems and practices real world entrepreneurs and business leaders are using every day in their businesses to increase their customer loyalty and the overall lifetime value of their customers.

In this Audiobook

  • The 5 Things That 50, 000 Businesses Taught Us About Customer Loyalty
  • Making Customer Loyalty a Priority and How You Can Achieve It on a Budget
  • Principles of Effective Loyalty Programs
  • Your Current Customers are the Life Blood of Your Organization
  • Gain Customer Loyalty, Go Beyond Customer Service in Five Steps
  • A “Hail Mary” Pass for Customer Loyalty
  • Raving Fan Customers: Creating Customer-Focused Teams
  • Service Based Customer Loyalty Programmes
  • Cutomer Service Scripts: Help or Hindrance to the Bottom Line?
  • Entrepreneurship and Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Onboarding Programs – A New Spin on Creating Loyalty and Increasing Customer Lifetime Value Customer Onboarding Programs Serve as Good COPs, Standing Guard on Customer Relationships and Protecting Against Attrition
  • Millenials and Generatin Z: Customer Loyalty Programs Designed for the Next Generation


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