Digital Renaissance: What Data and Economics Tell Us about the Future of Popular Culture

  • 8h 53m 4s
  • Joel Waldfogel
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

The digital revolution poses a mortal threat to the major creative industries - music, publishing, television, and the movies. The ease with which digital files can be copied and distributed has unleashed a wave of piracy with disastrous effects on revenue. Cheap, easy self-publishing is eroding the position of these gatekeepers and guardians of culture. Does this revolution herald the collapse of culture, as some commentators claim? Far from it.

In Digital Renaissance, Joel Waldfogel argues that digital technology is enabling a new golden age of popular culture, a veritable digital renaissance.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. The Creative Industries: Risky, Expensive, and Worth Preserving
  • 2. Digitization in Music: Rock On?
  • 3. Digitization in Movies: Hollywood Ending?
  • 4. Digitization in Television: Has the Vast Wasteland Blossomed?
  • 5. Digitization in Books: Fifty Shades of Dreck?
  • 6. Digitization Further Afield: Photography, Travel Agents, and Beyond
  • 7. The Value of the Digital Renaissance: The Long Tail and a Whole Lot More
  • 8. The Digital Farm System, and the Promise of Bundling
  • 9. A Tale of Two Intellectual Property Regimes: Lessons from Hollywood and Bollywood
  • 10. Digitization, the French, and the Return of the Vikings
  • 11. Bridge Trolls: The Possible Threat of Technological Gatekeepers
  • 12. Crisis or Renaissance?