Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck

  • 6h 46m 11s
  • Jon Acuff
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2015

The get ready, get going guide to navigating career change and doing work you love!

New York Times best-selling author Jon Acuff has drawn millions of online fans who love his refreshing mix of humor, honesty, and wisdom about the world of work. Now he offers his most important audiobook yet, a guide to making big career changes - by choice or necessity - and escaping the horrible feeling of being trapped in the wrong job.

Acuff finds it amazing that people spend more than 18 years studying and preparing for college but little or no time honing their careers between graduation and retirement. He offers an empowering tool he calls the Career Savings Account, which will change the way you think about your skills, relationships, character, and work ethic. He also shows that if you're on the wrong track, you already have what you need to change it - even if your family and mortgage mean you can't simply pick up and move for a new opportunity.

Throughout the audiobook, Acuff features inspiring and funny true stories - not merely his own but those of friends who restarted their careers after a layoff, an extended maternity leave, or simply the realization that they were suffering 50 weeks a year just to pay the bills and enjoy two weeks of vacation. Everyone can benefit from Do Over, from new graduates to 50-somethings and beyond.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Career Savings Account
  • Chapter 2 - Do This First
  • Chapter 3 - You Don't Know Who You Know
  • Chapter 4 - Give Your Foes What They Need Most
  • Chapter 5 - Casual Counts
  • Chapter 6 - Great Careers Take Great Advocates
  • Chapter 7 - Don't Burn Many Bridges
  • Chapter 8 - Community Shines Brightest in the Darkness of a Career Bump
  • Chapter 9 - You Have More Skills Than You Think
  • Chapter 10 - Master the Invisible Skills
  • Chapter 11 - Never Become a Dinosaur
  • Chapter 12 - Win the Way You Won before
  • Chapter 13 - Kick-Start Your New Skills with Something Fun
  • Chapter 14 - Skills Get Sharp Slowly and Dull Quickly
  • Chapter 15 - Grab the Right Kind of Hammer for Your Career Ceiling
  • Chapter 16 - Plant an Orchard
  • Chapter 17 - Generosity is a Game Changer
  • Chapter 18 - Empathy, No Longer Just for People Who Like to Cry with Friends
  • Chapter 19 - Be Present
  • Chapter 20 - Never Jump without Character
  • Chapter 21 - Grit is a Choice, Not a Feeling
  • Chapter 22 - Hustle Has Seasons: Use Awareness to Recognize Them
  • Chapter 23 - Career Yoga
  • Chapter 24 - Always Use This to Multiply the Moment
  • Chapter 25 - Three Final Words You'll Tell Me Someday Soon