Workstyle: Be Well. Work Better. Do Good

  • 11h 49m 34s
  • Alex Hirst, Lizzie Penny
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

The industrial age routine of a 9-5 fits-all working system might finally be being dismantled, but what will replace it, and will it work for you? This thoughtful and practical book sketches out new approaches to individualized working styles which prioritize wellbeing, productivity, and fairness.

If you are an ambitious Gen Z or millennial at the start of a career, looking for a job which works with your ethical framework, an experienced professional moving into a leadership role, or a business owner, CEO, manager, or HR professional, this book provides a vital contemporary overview of what will work best in a business world which is newly flexible, imaginative, neurodiverse, and accountable. It will help you create a way of working which frees your best people, liberates your potential, and allows you to stand out and do your best work—how it suits you best.

Written by the inventors of the term workstyle, this book will relieve you of your ancestors' conditioning, inspire you to create a workstyle for yourself, and enable you to take part in the most significant change to working practices since 1817. By giving you the complete freedom to identify and pursue a way of working which fits around the unique nature of your lifestyle, you can be well, work better, and do good.

About the Author

Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst are friends, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Lizzie has three young children, lives in Bristol, and has recently recovered from breast cancer. Alex suffered from debilitating burnout, before starting a family and leaving London for a village in rural Oxfordshire. Together they came up with the concept of workstyle (in the pub) in response to their negative experiences of a 9-5 traditional working week. Workstyle is a new word to describe the complete freedom to choose when and where you work.

They co-founded now multi-million pound social enterprise Hoxby in 2014 to test and prove the concept of workstyle and have since helped thousands of workstylers around the world to set, project and respect their own workstyles. They have set up their own longitudinal research study into the link between autonomy, productivity and wellbeing and have delivered projects for some of the biggest businesses in the world including Unilever, Amazon, AIA, and Merck. have described them as 'creating the freelance revolution 3.0' and they have been featured in the FT, Times, Telegraph, Stylist, Marie Claire, Metro and The Guardian, among others.

Between them they have been shortlisted for awards by the Institute of Directors, Social Enterprise UK, the RSA and the National Business Women's Awards as well as being awarded 'Top 50 advocates for equality in Marketing & Media' by DIMA, and the #WorkThatWorks Award at the Women In Marketing awards. Everything they do is in pursuit of having a positive impact on the world through changing the way people work.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Our workstyle stories
  • Chapter 3 - A broken system of work
  • Chapter 4 - Why 2014 was a magical year
  • Chapter 5 - One word to change the world
  • Chapter 6 - Proving the impact of workstyle
  • Chapter 7 - What is wellbeing?
  • Chapter 8 - Mind
  • Chapter 9 - Purpose
  • Chapter 10 - Learning
  • Chapter 11 - Connection
  • Chapter 12 - Body
  • Chapter 13 - What is productivity?
  • Chapter 14 - Energy
  • Chapter 15 - Clarity
  • Chapter 16 - Mastery
  • Chapter 17 - Trust
  • Chapter 18 - Environment
  • Chapter 19 - How could workstyle impact society?
  • Chapter 20 - Inclusion
  • Chapter 21 - Attitudes
  • Chapter 22 - Collective intelligence
  • Chapter 23 - Change the world, and your life, today!
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